3 Powerful Reasons You Need a Customer Engagement Hub Right Now

Customer Engagement Hub ImageOne of the major issues facing the modern marketer is their technology infrastructure. Most marketing technology stacks are a collection of disconnected point solutions – in some cases as many as 20. All these solutions interact with customers in different ways, collect different data, and store their data in disconnected silos. Because of this technology and data fragmentation, marketers don’t often have the clear view into their customer’s needs, wants, or intents that is necessary to meet the empowered omnichannel consumer with contextually aware and highly personalized offers.

What the modern marketer needs is a solution that can integrate their disconnected data and technologies in ways that support innovations in segmentation and customer journeys. Marketing clouds and other single-vendor suites are largely unsuccessful in supporting innovation because they take a walled garden approach that favors a limited view of their world, through their technology lens.  This makes their solutions ill-suited to the changing nature of marketing technology, customer data, and market dynamics, as well as the marketers’ need to continually evolve marketing strategies.

Customer Engagement Hub Explained

A customer engagement hub (CEH) overcomes these challenges, with solutions like the Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub™ leading the way. CEHs like Redpoint’s provide a central point of operational and data control for business users, along with a flexible architecture that is completely futureproof. Of all the reasons to implement a CEH, three of the most powerful are:

  • To orchestrate omnichannel interactions at the speed of the customer. The modern customer lives an omnichannel life, effortlessly switching between channels throughout their purchase journey. Brands need to be able to do the same. Customer engagement hubs and other open garden solutions enable that capability by creating a central point of control to orchestrate customer journeys, across both digital and traditional touchpoints. Brands that leverage a CEH can react at the speed of the customer and provide contextually relevant engagements regardless of channel.
  • To integrate and operationalize customer data across channel-specific and functional silos. Fragmented technology stacks lead to siloed customer data. One of the core functions of a customer engagement hub is to provide a unified 360-degree view of customer data across silos. Brands have long attempted to do this, but traditional data management technologies such as data lakes and data warehouses are ill-suited for the demands of a modern marketing team – particularly lacking in data precision, speed, and accessibility. Such is the power of a CEH; to unify data into a central customer profile and operationalize it at the speed necessary to engage the omnichannel consumer.
  • To maximize your marketing technology investment. Customer engagement hubs like Redpoint’s adopt what is called an “open garden approach” to marketing technology. What this means, at least for Redpoint, is that the CEH is installed on top of your existing technology. All your current solutions tie into the hub, which eliminates the expensive and time-consuming re-platforming of an all-in-one marketing suite. The open garden approach of a CEH also makes it futureproof, allowing you to link any future customer engagement technology into your architecture via standard or customizable API connectors.

The fragmented marketing stack and the data silos that accompany it are two of the biggest barriers facing the modern marketer. By deploying a customer engagement hub that takes an open garden approach, marketers are able to conquer both barriers simultaneously, empower their teams to make better decisions with more complete data, and gain an adaptable solution that will embrace innovation with new technologies as they arise.

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