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Data-Driven Personalization that Converts

A single, comprehensive view of every customer, updated in real time, means accurate marketing campaigns that build brand loyalty. With the right data, you can easily deliver personalized omnichannel experiences that generate tangible ROI.

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Data-Driven Retailers Trust Redpoint

Why is a Golden Record So Important in Retail? 

A single customer can shop online or in-store and use multiple email or even physical addresses. How can marketers design accurate campaigns if the data collected on these shoppers isn’t cohesive or timely?

The truth is, they can’t.  

To craft a truly personalized CX that converts, you need data that’s accurate, up-to-date and presented in a record thats accessible –allowing you to understand it and put it to use easily and quickly.  

Redpoint for Retail  

Unlocks Customer Insights for Unparalled Personalization

Our CDP gathers and synthesizes data from every customer touchpoint, giving you deep insights into customer behavior, preferences and intent. This allows you to tailor offers, recommendations, and communications to individual preferences. 

Drives Frictionless Omnichannel Experiences

Easily orchestrate customer interactions across online and offline channels – up to a real-time cadence. Deploy consistent messaging that captures every cross-sell opportunity while avoiding over-marketing.

Integrates Seamlessly with Your Existing Martech Stack

A composable architecture and open APIs enable seamless integration with any tech stack, AI approach, or cloud environment – so you can rapidly respond to business changes and grow your use cases.

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Retail Use Cases

The Redpoint CDP meets any retail use case and seamlessly scales to accommodate your evolving needs. 

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Omnichannel Journeys

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Loyalty Program Engagement

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Direct Mail

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Abandoned Cart Marketing

Rpg Icon Phone Mesage Copy

Contextual In-App Messaging

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Personalized Product Recommendations

Rpg Icon 143

Lifecycle-Based Messaging

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Retail Media Networks

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Geo-Fenced Offers

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Real-Time Optimization

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Dynamic Website Personalization

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Triggered Messaging Sequences

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On-line/Off-line Cross Selling

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Buy On-Line, Pick Up In Store/Click & Collect

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Next Best Action

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Dynamic Segmentation

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Anonymous to Known Journeys

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