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Key Benefits

Combine all your customer data into a single, all-in-one profile. Determine your next best offer and message with certainty. And orchestrate omnichannel experiences. All in real time. All highly personalized. To boost average order value, drive loyalty & retention, and lower interaction costs. 


Growth. Accelerated and achievable.

Achieve tangible ROI by turning shopper data into highly personalized experiences that drive significant revenue.


Deliver relevance. Drive value.

Understand each shopper’s interests, preferences and intent, to best deliver experiences that increase engagement, conversion and retention while lowering shopper fatigue.


Competitive advantage.

Deliver real-time, omnichannel experiences that are differentiated for every shopper. For enterprise results that are differentiated in the marketplace.

rg1® in Action.

With rg1, retailers can overcome the limits of siloed data — to secure a single, comprehensive view of every customer. And to orchestrate the kind of highly personalized, omnichannel interactions that deliver material business results. 

Omnichannel Journeys

Orchestrate multi-touch campaigns, omnichannel journeys and personalized experiences built on every shopper’s Golden Record. Shoppers move freely across websites, mobile apps, call centers and in-store devices; and you can create precisely those kinds of seamless, relevant, persuasive journeys.

Personalized Website Experiences

Personalize website experiences for both known visitors and even first-time anonymous visitors. Use any mix of content, images and recommendations to customize the shopper experience. And present campaigns in real time based ospecific attributes including: 

  • Transaction histories 
  • Known preferences and intent 
  • Local weather conditions 
  • Referring source 
  • Browsing behavior
  • Third-party anonymous profile data

Timely & Relevant Email Communications

With rg1companies cause their existing email solutions to orchestrate campaigns, all from a single interface. Retailers can apply real-time insights from every step in the shopper journey to:

  • Send or suppress emails
  • Build multi-step emails journeys 
  • Send batch campaigns to select audiences 
  • Trigger emails based on an event or action (e.g., abandoned cart) 
  • Add personalized content to emails 

Mobile Channels for Your Advantage

rg1 integrates with mobile app operating systems and mobile notification providers, making for highly personalized mobile experiences. Marketers can deliver content and messages, such as SMS and push notifications, to specific mobile app users. And they can use rg1 to support mobile initiatives including: 

  • Buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) 
  • Location-based marketing and geofencing 
  • Price comparing while in store (showrooming) 

1:1 Offers & Recommendations

With marketer-set rules and advanced journey analyticsyou‘ll know your next best offers and recommendations for every shopper. And you’ll be equipped to act, in real time, on the next best decisions for digital campaigns, in-store channels and customer service systems.

Equip In-Store Teams

Single customer view data — including recommendations, customer preferences, sentiment and LTV — is easily accessible by external systems, such as clienteling devices, during customer interactions.

The result? Sales teams are equipped with up-sell and cross-sell offers and alternative product suggestions. And shoppers are delivered superbly tangible value. 

Identify & Act on Segments

You can use Redpoint’s dynamic and universal segmentation capabilities to identify and engage your best shopper audiences — based on their likelihood of responding to specific events or conditions. Attributes for segmentation can include:

  • Likelihood to purchase or repurchase 
  • Time to next purchase 
  • High value shoppers 
  • Best message content 
  • Best message channel 
  • Yearly or monthly spend

A/B/n Testing to Optimize Experiences

Conduct A/B/n tests to determine which variables will drive the best business results. Run conclusive tests for websites, email, SMS messages and even ad campaigns, and limit those tests to specific audience segments. Then automatically use the winning candidate(s) for roll-out.

Privacy Compliance

With the rg1 platform’s integrated data & processes, you can seamlessly support the most stringent technical requirements for customer privacy and industry compliance initiatives, such as GDPR and CCPA. You can:

  • Track customer communication preferences 
  • Establish user roles and permissions 
  • Trigger workflows when events occur 
  • Maintaining logs for auditing purposes

Customer expectations met. And exceeded.

Shoppers expect retailers to know who they are, and to create meaningful, frictionless moments, but most brands fail this expectationSuccess means adopting context-aware, hyper-personalized engagement; it means serving targeted messages and offers in real time, across all channels and customer touchpoints.

One customer view. Universal accessibility.

Unify all internal and external customer data – from online and offline sources - into the Redpoint Golden Record, a continuously updated view of every shopper’s interests, behaviors, identities and histories. All accessible in real-time across every touchpoint.

Customers in context. You in control.

Design and deliver highly dynamic customer journeys in the context and cadence relevant to each customer. All driven by you, the marketer. And all responsive to the individual consumer.

Hyper-personalization at scale.

With advanced machine learning and intelligent orchestration, you can pinpoint consumer segments and deliver the absolute most relevant content, messages or recommendations in real-time. Across every digital and traditional channel.

“Throughout the pandemic, we have been able to communicate with customers quickly and effectively about our curbside pickup service but also customize communications for their specific needs at a scale not possible before. With our data accessible from one place, we could easily react to any situation that evolved. We recognize that we’ve only just scratched the surface of what we can do with Redpoint® and I’m excited about the additional growth we can drive — maintaining our local community feel, while becoming the modern marketing organization consumers expect.”

Will Aubuchon

CEO of W.E. Aubuchon Co. Inc.

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