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Data Observability


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Manual data inputs integrated into one automated process with seamless visibility to data issues


Faster address hygiene processing
(compared to competing vendor)


Reduction in direct mail errors

Build Brand Loyalty:
Create Superior CX with Data Quality You Trust

Your CX is only as good as your data. Data observability automatically monitors and reports on your data in real-time, so that you can confidently drive enhanced CX outcomes and create brand trust.


Consisten Monitoring And Transparency (1)

Consistent Monitoring and Transparency

Most CDPs are a “black box” – users must simply trust customer data is accurate and up-to-date. Redpoint’s data observability monitors data transparently as it moves through the CDP, increasing confidence in data quality and usability.

Enhanced Operational Effic

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

“Broken” data, poor data quality, data discrepancies – these all cost resources, time and money. Redpoint’s data observability identifies issues quickly, allowing you to fix errors well in advance of any bottom-line impact.

Enhanced Operational Effic
Streamlined Data Governance

Streamlined Data Governance

Best-practice data governance requires that data be available and consistent, and meet compliance and integrity standards. Redpoint’s observability and dashboarding capabilities provide visibility into how data is being handled – and ensures it’s treated as a valuable business asset.

Data Observability Capabilities

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Real-Time Monitoring Dashboards

Real-time visibility into your data pipelines lets you identify and resolve issues as they arise. Charts, visualizations and drilldowns provide insights into data availability, timeliness, quality, unification and readiness.

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Data Quality Checks

Regularly assess the quality of your data with validation checks, anomaly detection and data profiling to ensure data accuracy, completeness and consistency.  

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Identity Resolution Review

Monitor match quality and levels of inter/intra source matches for individual and household profiles. Understand the relative value of each data source and the extent to which it adds new customer profiles to the CDP versus enhancing existing profiles.  

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Data Lineage

Visualize your data’s journey from source to CDP destination. Understand changes, dependencies, and transformations. Drill down to understand basic lineage, availability, and recency for all data. 

See How Data Observability Works

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