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Key Benefits

Grow customer LTV by guiding consumers through a dynamic series of next-best actions, each built on a continually updated customer view. Individually compiled, relevant and persuasive.


Transformed data. Tangible ROI.

Turn even the most fragmented customer data into your company’s most valuable asset. To grow revenue, reduce interaction costs and heighten engagement.


Turn relevance into revenue.

Use advanced predictive models to identify the customer, message and offer combinations to drive the most profitable returns.


Turn engagement into evangelization.

Proactively engage with customers across every touchpoint. To sharpen your competitive advantage, one customer at a time.

rgOne® in Action.

With rgOne, you can deliver personalized experiences and nexbest actions across every customer touchpoint. The result? Repeat purchases, greater share of wallet, and passionate customers who willingly market on your behalf.

Multi-stage Campaigns & Journeys

When it comes to delivering customer value, the travel industry is loaded with variables – including trip stage, leisure or businesstravel companions, fare class, and more 

rgOne helps travel marketers navigate even the most complex parts of the customer journey, by delivering highly personalized experiences across every stage and touchpoint. 

  • Stages: Pre-event, Event, Sub-event(s), Post-event, Re-engage (Lifecycle Connections)
  • Touchpoints: Website, Email, Mobile Apps, Call Centers, Kiosks, Retail POS, Frontline Workers 

Personalized Website Experiences

Personalize website experiences for known visitors or even first-time anonymous visitors. Use any mix of content, images and recommendations to customize the visitor experience. And present campaigns in real time based ospecific attributes:  

  • Loyalty status  
  • Transaction histories 
  • Known preferences 
  • Referring source 
  • Third-party anonymous profile data

Timely & Relevant Email Communications

With rgOnecompanies can use their existing email solutions to orchestrate campaigns, all from a single interface. Travel marketers can apply real-time insights from every step in the customer journey to send or suppress emails 

  • Send batch campaigns to select audiences 
  • Trigger one-off emails to create urgency 
  • Add personalized content to emails

Mobile Channels for Your Advantage

rgOne integrates with mobile app operating systems and mobile notification providers, making for highly personalized mobile experiences. Marketers can deliver content and messages, such as SMS and push notifications, to specific mobile app users:  

  • Travel alerts and notifications 
  • Location-based marketing efforts  
  • Timely upsell offers

Personalized Offers & Next-Best Action

Determine the next-best action for every customer based on known preferences or even predicted life events. Then use machine learning to recommend the best content, messages and offers — and to know when, where and how to present them 

  • Provide anniversary incentives at a restaurant 
  • Send friends & family promotions to customers with positive sentiment 
  • Predict purchases based on life events

Segmentation & Predictive Models

You can use Redpoint’s advanced machine learning to identify and engage your best customer audiences — based on their likelihood of responding to specific events or conditions. 

  • Likelihood to rebook 
  • High value customers 
  • Life events, such as anniversary or birthday 
  • Best message content & channel 
  • Predicting positive NPS review

Frontline Workers

Single customer view data — including recommendations, customer preferences, sentiment and LTV — is easily accessible by frontline staff. 

The result? Customer-facing teams are equipped with up-sell and cross-sell offers and alternative product suggestions. And customers are delivered superbly tangible value.

Digital Advertising

Define audience segments in rgOne to drive deeper analysis and omnichannel campaigns. Use native connectors to pass anonymized segments to third-party AdTech providers, and to deliver highly targeted advertising campaigns on nearly any publishing site.

Hyper-personalization with zero friction.

It’s now an imperative for every travel & hospitality marketer: Remove all friction from the customer experience, across every digital and in-person touchpoint. 

With Redpoint®, you can create and deliver seamless, individualized and highly relevant customer journeys. By leveraging modern data, analytics and orchestration capabilities to win new business, sustain conversion and increase loyalty. 

One view. Many benefits.

Access accurate and continuously updated views of every customer — and use them to dramatically improve service, engagement and customer LTV.

Built for the whole journey.

Monitor every customer’s behaviors and intent — and use powerful machine learning to pinpoint the next best message, action and offer. For every stage of the journey.

Orchestrated for the individual.

Anticipate traveler needs across every dimension – geography, time, brands and touchpoints – to orchestrate multi-touch customer journeys perfectly aligned to each customer’s cadence.

“Overall, we saw an improvement of 839%, including growth in every single segment.”

Michael Johnston

CRM Campaign Manager at Xanterra Parks and Resorts

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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