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Identity Resolution


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Profiles created from 700M+ records


Increase in match rates



Duplicate customer profiles removed


Data Sources

Integrated into a single customer view

Go Beyond Matching:
Get the Most Accurate Unified Profiles

Our “Golden Record” combines already-cleaned, precise data with superior matching.  It also reflects merged records giving you the most accurate unified profiles to create a truly personalized, exceptional CX.

Accurate Identification Means Better Personalization

Accurate Identification Means Better Personalization

With accurate and contextualized profiles for both known and anonymous customers, you can create omnichannel personalization across devices, browsers, sessions, and interaction points – and drive material growth.

Process Transparency, Not A Black Box

Process Transparency, Not a Black Box

Transparency is crucial for building trust, complying with data privacy laws, and maintaining data accuracy. Redpoint provides transparency into the process of rules, matching and outcomes, enabling marketers to make better, more strategic decisions.

Process Transparency, Not A Black Box
Customizable Rules To Truly Understand Your Customers

Customizable Rules to Truly Understand Your Customers

Customizable – or “tunable” – rules allow you to recognize customer identities across relationships, like households or accounts, and also to maintain profiles over time at a level that’s right for your business.

Identity Resolution Capabilities

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Probabilistic & Deterministic Matching

Build identity from the first brand touch.  Use tunable rules for precise identity matching that leverages advanced probabilistic and deterministic methods to track and manage customer interactions across both known and anonymous records. 

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Online & Offline Data Stitching - At Scale

Unify online and offline data from the digital to the physical – from sessions and emails to physical addresses. Automated matching rules perform identity resolution at the household, person, address, company and account levels – all without coding or custom algorithms

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Enterprise-Wide Data Connectivity

Get a complete picture of each customer across all brands and business units, linking globally independent identities at the unit level. Cleanse and standardize names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses across 240 countries

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Real-Time Persistent Identity Keys

Create a real-time 360° customer view and assign each one a persistent key. Update records as changes occur, including household or business profile and address changes. Ensure regulatory compliance with a unified view of consent marketing preferences.

See How Identity Resolution Works

Take our virtual product tour to see how you can quicky and easily  leverage your customer data to deliver personalized experiences.

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