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Enough with the data headaches. Get back to real marketing with a CDP that eliminates data silos, gets customer data into shape for true personalization, and makes it easy to access data and insights for any omnichannel campaign – all without IT. Easily adapt to any use case or technology – AI and more – as customer expectations evolve.

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ROI Delivered


Reduction in Operating Costs


Increase in Conversions

Idea Today, Execute Tomorrow

With the Redpoint CDP, Marketing is in the driver’s seat. Easily create true data-driven, personalized customer experiences that drive loyalty and growth.

Delight in Your Data

Nothing else matters if your data’s not right. But don’t just take our word for it. Built-in data quality and observability give you confidence that your data is ready and actionable to power your CX initiatives. 

Superpower Your Segmentation – Without Code

Support your customers on their rich and varied journeys by visualizing, experimenting, and crafting any meaningful audience – without having to write a single line of codeOr use our GenAI audience builder to explore and segment audiences, with transparent, easy-to-understand results.

Build Better Campaigns Faster

More efficiently utilize your precious marketing resources so your team can spend more time on high value activities Easily drive 1:1 addressability, omnichannel journeys, and real-time engagement to gain quick returns on your marketing investment. 

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Marketing Use Cases

A deep understanding of every customer – and every customer journey – is essential for delivering relevant, omnichannel experiences that retain customers and drive new growth.

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Stimulate Product Uptake & Utilization

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Generate Cross-Sell Opportunities

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Optimize Anonymous-to-Known Journeys

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Increase Lifetime Value

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Re-Engage Lapsed Customers

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Acquire & Convert New Prospects

Resources for CX Success

Solution Brief

Segmentation & Activation

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