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Strengthen HCP Relationships and Improve Patient Outcomes

Unlock actionable insights for your scientific and commercial campaigns across physical and digital channels that boost ROI.

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Data-Driven Healthcare Organizations Trust Redpoint

Why Pharma and Life Sciences Companies Choose Redpoint

Pharma and life sciences companies are under pressure to deliver better results—scientific and commercial growth—in a digital-first world. The Redpoint CDP breaks down data silos to enable a 360° customer profile, granular segmentation and next best actions, that drive medical and commercial team productivity. 

Create the Right Customer Profile

Fully integrate your existing tech stack and bring data together in a unified customer profile for a deep understanding of patients or accounts to support awareness, education, and commercial campaigns.

Maximize Impact through Precision Targeting

Engage the right HCPs and research groups with dynamic real-time segmentation and next-best action capabilities. Boost revenue by improving field sales effectiveness and increasing therapy adoption and adherence.

Deliver Personalized Omnichannel Experiences

Develop, optimize and scale personalized omnichannel campaigns, that engage healthcare consumers at every stage and channel of their journey to drive optimal campaign performance at a lower cost.

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Pharma and Life Sciences Use Cases

Integrate technologies, synchronize siloed teams and overcome regulatory concerns to lead HCPs and consumers on a personalized omnichannel journey that drives better therapy adoption and improved health outcomes.

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Disease Awareness

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HCP Education & Engagement

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Product Launch

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Portal/App Adoption

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Lifecycle Management

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HCP Feedback

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Patient Support Programs

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