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Leverage Customer Data with Control, Efficiency, and Agility

Choose a CDP that fits your enterprise data goals. Help your marketers and data scientists build models for their use cases while meeting your organization’s mandates for cost, compliance, performance, and reliability. Fit customer profiles into your data architecture – cloud databases, on-premises, or hybrid – while meeting master data, security and privacy requirements.

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Faster Processing


Time Reduction – Over 1B Data Points and 1000’s of Feeds

5 Seconds

Matches for Eligibility Against 400M Records

The Most Complete Composable CDP Architecture

Drive exceptional CX with a CDP that gives you the choice to manage and control your data in the way that meets your unique business requirements.

Modern Architecture Handles Legacy Systems

Container-based services for data pipelines work inside modern cloud environments and support data fabric initiatives. Use data-in-place with existing cloud databases to transform customer data while minimizing replication and data movement.  Also ingest, cleanse, and activate legacy data sources like EDI X.12 and Cobol Copybooks.

Democratize Customer Data

Help your marketers and data scientists access precise, integrated & comprehensive data at the breakneck speed of today’s operations. Build customer entities, aggregates, and relationships and provide a no-code segmentation/activation framework so business users handle their own use cases without adding to your project backlog.

Stewardship and Governance

Redpoint gives you the data and control you need for customer data governance. Understand and track lineage, automate responses to customer privacy requests and preferences, and use AI models and insights to monitor and improve your enterprise customer data.


IT Use Cases

Redpoint makes your data better for any use case – from AI/ML to visualization and analytics.

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Automated Data Pipelines

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Data Observability

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Data Quality & Profiling

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Composable Data Solutions

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Customer Data Lineage

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Tunable Entity Resolution

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Legacy Data Management

IT Resources

Solution Brief

Automated Data Ingestion and Data Quality

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Ten Things You Can Do with a CDP

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Redpoint CDP x Snowflake: The Framework to Support an Evolving MarTech Stack

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