150+ Connections

rgOne’s open-garden infrastructure means the integrations you choose to use are your choice.

Our Open Garden. Your Choice of APIs

rgOne has been built with the future in mind. Many of our customers leverage our 150+ API connectors that are available ‘out-of-the-box’. However, you also have the ability to extend rgOne into any data source or marketing channel that you like thanks to the open-garden environment that rgOne was built on.

Database Platforms

Use your existing databases, data warehouse, and/or Data Lakes as the primary or aux database within rgOne. Point to external data sources. Leave your data in place, and have it seamlessly picked up, federated and enhanced to orchestrate operations.

CRM Platforms

rgOne can execute new or existing campaigns within CRM platforms. Automatically collect event data trigger further actions within an interaction workflow and across other channels including email, SMS, direct mail, more.


With rgOne's queue connectors, you can access inbound data from sources such as web form submissions. rgOne then smartly acts on this information by:

• Sending a follow up email after purchase, or

• Executing a real-time decision to display personalized landing page content.

Email Service Providers

Execute dynamic and personalized email offers and collect event data (such as opens, clicks and bounces), and use them for reporting or to trigger further actions. All as part of a seamless customer journey workflow.

SMS & Mobile

Build and deploy dynamic and personalized SMS offers. All as part of a seamless customer journey workflow. rgOne also supports mobile push messages for broadcasting directly to Apple, Android and Windows devices.

Ad Networks

Automatically upload audiences, suppressions, offers and content to both open and walled-garden ad networks.

Web Analytics

Enhance your BI/web analytics efforts by directly exporting any data, such as campaign history, into your analytics solutions.

Content Management

rgOne natively provides connectivity to external content and digital asset management (DAM) systems that store content assets such as images and text. And when executing campaigns, email offers or landing pages, Redpoint quickly pulls from these important sources.

Web Apps

Additional connectors can be used to enhance widgets, email campaigns, landing pages and more, with example cases that include:

• Using weather to deliver targeted website campaigns

• Adding blog feeds to a customer portal

• Previewing campaigns on different email clients


When you embed surveys within email offers and landing pages, rgOne automatically collects and displays response stats within the app.

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Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint® can put your goals within reach.

Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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