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Granularity of segments
without additional resources


Revenue Growth and Cost Reduction


Reduction in time to build new segments

Supercharge Your CX with No-Code Segmentation

Create, visualize and test audiences without writing a line of code, so you can focus on agile, creative, data-driven marketing that leads to higher ROI and low costs. 


Who Needs Data Engineers

Who Needs Data Engineers?

Bring better campaigns to life faster through dynamic segments without having to write code. Our GenAI includes a natural language interface that lets you access and query your data, with transparent, user-friendly results.

Dive Into The Layers Of Your Data

Dive Into the Layers of Your Data

Mine your behavioral, demographic or calculated data – including propensity, churn or predictive models (yours or Redpoint’s) – for insights you can leverage for any business or CX objective or use case.

Dive Into The Layers Of Your Data
Support Dynamic Journeys

Support Dynamic Journeys

Drive high customer value with intelligent segmentation you can activate in real time across the customer journey, supporting use cases for acquisition, retention, cross-sell, upsell and the reactivation of lapsed customers. 

 Segmentation & Activation Capabilities

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Dynamic Segments

Design dynamic, real-time segments through an intuitive no-code interface.  Select any CDP data for flexible segment design and drive multi-channel messaging from a single interface. Segmentation encompasses multiple levels – individuals, households or business entities – and combines with inline suppressions and automatic opt in/out.  

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Advanced GenAI

Redpoint’s proprietary GenAI segment builder and natural language UI make it easy to build segments, refine them through an ongoing conversation, and easily understand the results without SQL knowledge. 


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BYOM for Intelligent Messaging

Base segments on propensity, product recommendations and next-best action for effective real-time interaction management and maximum ROI, using your models (BYOM) – or ours. Generate segment-level insights with dashboards, visualization tools and aggregate calculations to profile potential audiences, size engagement opportunities, and explore what-if scenarios. 


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Automated Channel Activation

Schedule and automate segment creation and activation as needed (easily setting and adjusting run times, dates and intervals). Redpoint’s out-of-the-box connectors support connectivity to your preferred activation platform with marketing-ready data and closed-loop response tracking. 

See How Segmentation & Activation Works

Take our virtual product tour to see how you can quicky and easily  leverage your customer data to deliver personalized experiences.

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