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Delight customers with cross-channel, cross device experiences.

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The Redpoint Difference

The Redpoint CDP gives you the data you need to create seamless experiences across every media touchpoint and customer journey.

Business-Ready Data Drives Personalized CX

Real-time throughput, built-in data quality, and tunable identity resolution provide the most accurate, up-to-date unified customer profile to drive every experience – with one-to-one addressability.

Understand and Engage Your Audience

Create, visualize and test audiences quickly and easily – without writing a line of code – to engage customers across their preferred devices and channels. 

Ultimate Data and MarTech Flexibility

The most complete composable CDP – fits in any MarTech stack, AI approach, or cloud environment, with data-in-place – so you can rapidly respond to business changes and grow your use cases.

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Media & Entertainment Use Cases

Leverage a deep, contextual understanding of a customer’s behaviors, usage, and preferences to power a holistic, omnichannel experience and achieve revenue goals. 

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Optimize Channels

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Cross-Sell & Upsell Products

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Customer Acquisition

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Deliver Omnichannel Experiences

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Improve Customer Retention

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Drive Increased Usage

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Media Advertising Networks

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Optimize Subscriptions

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Targeted Advertising

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Deliver Proximity-Based Marketing

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Data Clean Rooms

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Re-Engage Customers

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Real-Time Engagement & Website Personalization

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