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Real-Time Interactions



Increase in Conversions Through Real-Time Product Offers


Incremental Revenue Through Real-Time Website Personalization


Decisions per Second, Meeting 20 Millisecond SLA

Real-Time Profile. Real-Time Decisions. Real-Time Results.

Timing is everything. Meet stringent multi-channel demands for decisions, offers and interactions. Speak with a consistent brand voice by arbitrating messages, models, content and data across the customer journey.

Real Time Profile. Ready For Action.

Real-Time Profile. Ready for Action.

Redpoint continuously updates the real-time customer profile with event-driven interactions and calculations to stay in sync with customers. Directly and easily use the unified profile to create real-time interactions that drive superior results. 

Fuel Your Martech With Real Time Insights

Fuel Your MarTech with Real-Time Insights

Power real-time experiences across your entire MarTech, analytics and AI stacks. Work with any chosen marketing technology without having to build new applications to work with channel-specific customer engagement systems.

Fuel Your Martech With Real Time Insights
Build Real Time Journeys As Fast As Your Business

Build Real-Time Journeys As Fast As Your Business

Solve for rich use cases by easily creating at any scale real-time journeys and experiences—anonymous and known—that delight your customers, without having to write a line of SQL.

Real-Time Capabilities

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Data & Channel Contexts

Define a set of messages delivered through the real-time decisioning engine, executing a channel-agnostic, next-best action in real time as the customer engages with the brand. 

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Real-Time Profile

Update customer profiles dynamically as events, actions, or machine learning models are refreshed in any cadence.  

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Contextual Personalization & Execution

Listen for customer signals 24/7. Continuously gather events from the web, mobile apps, devices and more, develop the message, and push the right content out to the customer.  

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Dynamic Cross-Channel Optimization

Drive real-time decisioning and interactions holistically across all channels at each moment of interaction (not isolated in individual channels). Optimize results from ongoing interactions in alignment with your marketing goals. 

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