Real-Time Interactions

Be there, and be relevant, in every customer moment.

Key Benefits

Drive ROI, maximize revenue and boost customer satisfaction, all at the same time? Yes. That’s the power of knowing and choosing the next best action, message and offer at the moment of engagement. The power of real-time data and decisions. The power that’s yours when you’re relevant.


Maximum lift.

Meet every customer expectation, or exceed them, at every point along the journey. With contextually relevant offers, content and interactions.


Minimum fatigue.

Create experiences perfectly aligned to each customer’s cadence. To lessen fatigue, increase retention and boost lifetime value.


Sustained efficiency.

Respond to customer needs at every moment. By smoothly handling real-time updates to customer preferences, intent and all relevant data. All the time.

rgOne® in action. In real time.

How do you unlock contextually relevant experiences that meet customer expectations, and yours, at each step of the journey? With real-time engagement, decisions and interactions. And with rgOne. Just as other leading marketers are doing right now:

Dashboards & Optimization

Business users can create custom dashboards that use real-time data from any internal or external data source, including campaign performance data and influencing variables such as weather data from

rgOne also supports a wide spectrum of third-party business intelligence (BI) tools such as Power BI, Looker and Tableau, to create and customize reports as you need them.

Customer Journeys

The customer journeys you define are dynamic: They self-adapt to changes in customer behavior and events to deliver the best possible outcomes.

And you can refine those journeys and offers for even the most granular customer segments, with journey whiteboards, analytics and message lists.

Product Recommendations

rgOne uses marketer-set rules and machine learning models to determine best offers and recommendations for each customer.

And you can use those decisions to drive real-time recommendations in digital campaigns, in-store channels, even customer service solutions.

A/B/n Testing

Stage A/B/n tests to determine which variations drive the best business results. Run tests on websites, in email comms, SMS messages, even ad campaigns. And if you limit testing to specific audience segments, rgOne can automatically roll out the winning candidate.

Switching Channels

Customers move seamlessly between websites, call centers, apps, kiosks and more. You can, too.

With rgOne, you’ll always have the most updated information and insight, wherever your customers are. For better engagement, differentiated moments, and higher LTV.

Triggered Messages

rgOne stands vigilant for web events such as form completions or session abandons, and pushes timely customer comms such as banners, emails, SMS, and more. Which mean you stand to increase relevance, response rates and conversion.

Website Personalization

You can deploy personalized site experiences for known users and even first-time, anonymous visitors. How? By using in-session behavior to present content, images and recommendations, and running A/B/n tests to optimize what you’re seeing.

  • Transaction histories
  • Local weather conditions
  • Referring source
  • Industry/account details
  • Third-party anonymous profile data

Success at speed and scale.

What does it take to stage perfectly relevant experiences? Processing faster than traditional MarTech has ever allowed. Updating customer journeys in milliseconds. Making better decisions than those made yesterday. It takes all of that. It takes the rgOne platform and its proven track record of exceeding even the boldest performance requirements.

Built for enterprise.

High-performance databases, dynamic caching, and in-platform modeling and decision engines. This is the comprehensive rgOne capability: To make millions of smart decisions, and successful customer moments, each day.

Built for whole journeys.

With a single interface within the rgOne platform, you'll create multi-channel, multi-event, multi-stage journeys. Across real-time and offline channels. Each one personalized for each individual.

Built for the individual.

With rgOne's sophisticated machine learning, you'll know which offers and messages are best delivered to each individual in each moment of engagement.

“Throughout the pandemic, we have been able to communicate with customers quickly and effectively about our curbside pickup service but also customize communications for their specific needs at a scale not possible before.”

Will Aubuchon

CEO of W.E. Aubuchon Co. Inc.

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