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Buy Your Second CDP First

Don’t waste time with a “CDP” you’ll need to replace tomorrow. Choose the CDP that gets your data right, makes it easy to use, and evolves with your use cases and technology stack.

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The Most Complete Composable CDP

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The Right Data to Drive Personalized CX

Real-time throughput, built-in data quality, and tunable identity resolution provide the most accurate, up-to-date unified customer profile that is fit to drive all your use cases.

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Superpowered Segmentation with No Code

Create, visualize and test audiences quickly and easily without writing a line of code, so that marketers can focus on agile, creative marketing—ultimately leading to high ROI and low TCO.

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Ultimate Data and MarTech Flexibility

Fits in any MarTech stack, AI approach, or cloud environment, with zero-copy data—so you can rapidly respond to business changes and grow your use cases.

Compose Your Customer Experience with Redpoint

Customer Data Platform

From ingestion to segmentation, the Redpoint CDP gets your data ready for action.  All customer data is up-to-date, accurate, and accessible in a trusted unified customer profile - so you can deliver personalized, omnichannel experiences that delight customers, build long-lasting brand loyalty, and drive tangible revenue growth.

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Deliver hyper-personalized engagements in any channel and in the context of a customer journey. Tune in to customer signals so you can design smart, impactful and tailored journeys that drive loyalty and revenue while reducing operating costs.

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Real-Time Interactions

Create real-time journeys that maximize revenue and customer satisfaction. Meet stringent multi-channel demands for decisions, offers and interactions. Empower the brand to speak as one consistent voice by arbitrating messages, models, content and data across the customer journey.

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Data Management

Create pipelines that power valuable data in Customer Data Platforms, data warehouses, data lakes, cloud databases and on-premises applications.

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See How It Works

Take our virtual product tour to see how you can quicky and easily  leverage your customer data to deliver personalized experiences.

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