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Solve data headaches for your team and your data consumers. Bring together accurate customer data and other domains from across your organization to serve all your use cases: visualization, AI/ML, customer analytics. Build customer profiles into your architecture – cloud databases, on-premises, or hybrid and provide the tools for accurate stewardship, data privacy, predictive models, and data enrichment in one place. 

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Faster Processing

5 Second

Matches for Eligibility Against 400M Records


Time Reduction for Large Jobs (>1B data points)

The Only CDP that Makes Your Underlying Data Better

Redpoint automatically cleans your data as it is ingested, so that your unified customer profiles are built on the most accurate data, eliminating data quality issues that lead to a poor customer experience.

Data Storytelling Instead of Data Prep

Redpoint’s automated processes reduce data prep time by 80%, so aggregated, cleansed and organized data is easily available for analytics, AI exploration, and visualization. Your teams can build models, visualizations, and reports on your most critical data.

Accuracy and Relevance Without the Wait

Access precise, integrated, and comprehensive data at the breakneck speed of today’s operations. Let Redpoint build your entities, aggregates, and relationships so all your teams can use clean, precise, complete data for marketing, forecasting, and interacting with customers. 

Observe and Manage Your Data

Redpoint automates data quality and observability, giving you timely insights into data problems before they impact your teams and customers. Profile data sources, manage PII, and easily respond to privacy and compliance requests. 

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Data Analytics Use Cases

Redpoint makes your data better for any use case – from AI/ML to visualization and analytics.

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Automated Data Pipelines

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Data Enrichment and Aggregation

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Data Quality and Profiling

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Data Prep for AI/ML

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Tunable Entity Resolution

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Data Observability

Resources for CX Success

Solution Brief

Data Observability and Measurement

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