New Redpoint Capabilities Embrace the Open Garden Approach to Marketing

RPI 4.5 open garden

RPI 4.5 open gardenThe marketing technology world is going to remain fragmented for some time. To understand why, one doesn’t need to look further than Scott Brinker’s 2018 ChiefMartec Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphic. New vendors constantly arise to streamline components of the martech stack, but few have succeeded in becoming a one-stop shop. Let’s be realistic: it’s impossible for any single provider to include every product that marketers need to deliver and foster omnichannel customer experiences. Whether it’s data, analytics, channels, or optimization, there are just too many categories and core competencies required for one vendor to meaningfully cover the entire landscape.

Even if a single vendor suite or marketing cloud could meet those needs, the solution would become obsolete before it even got deployed. That’s why Redpoint Global is increasing the open nature of our platform in the latest release of Redpoint Interaction™, the omnichannel layer of the Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub™. We’re adding even more flexibility, scale, and efficiency for businesses by increasing the number of databases Redpoint Interaction supports. The goal is to provide more choice than ever to end users, allowing them to maintain and optimize the solutions they already have in place.

With greater choice added into the Redpoint platform, we’re also democratizing access to data for marketers. Increased flexibility in database selection and greater flattening of access company-wide makes it easier for marketers to be responsive to the connected customer. Through enhancing the Redpoint platform’s intelligent orchestration functionality and its real-time engagement capabilities, we’re also providing greater responsiveness – a key step in providing a contextually relevant omnichannel customer experience.

Key highlights in Redpoint Interaction 4.5 include:

Open Garden

  • Ubiquitous Data – Support for Amazon Aurora as a primary database and Amazon Athena and Redshift Spectrum, Google Big Table, Spanner, and Presto for auxiliary databases provide more choice for data-driven marketers.
  • Published API – Redpoint has published the integration API which allows marketers and users to build upon core features of RPI such as audiences, interactions, offers, assets and apply their own user interfaces.

Intelligent Orchestration

  • MadTech – Redpoint has finalized the KBM Zipline DMP ad tech connector, allowing marketers to create and onboard audiences into Zipline for targeted ads, and return DMP audiences into Redpoint for more impactful direct marketing.
  • Twilio Notify – This new capability from Twilio provides a centralized preference center for sending of messages through SMS and iOS/Android push notifications to optimize mobile engagement strategies.

Real-Time Engagement

  • Real-Time Caches – Redpoint continues to support multiple database caches allowing for decisions to be concurrently managed across visitor profile, visitor history, non-visitor data, and product recommendations for more speed and efficiency.
  • .NET Core – Support for deployment on .NET Core means that it is now possible to deploy real-time decisions in a non-Windows environment (e.g., Linux, Centos, Ubuntu).

Screenshot of RPI 4.5

As more marketing technologies arise, the need for a flexible and adaptable single point of operational control becomes even more acute. These latest updates to the Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub and Redpoint Interaction further streamline our ability to act as the comprehensive platform needed to power intelligent campaign orchestration and engage the connected consumer across channels. This is just scratching the surface of what Redpoint will be providing this year in terms of databases, connectivity, and optimization of real-time experiences. Stay tuned for more updates this fall, and for customers that want to dig deeper, please visit out Redpoint Community for tips, tricks, and documentation.

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