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Mar 19, 2021

Map Your Own Personalization Journey with the Redpoint CDP Builder

One of the hottest new trends for marketing technology vendors is to refer to their product as a customer data platform (CDP). According to the CDP Institute’s industry January update, the industry added 13 vendors and $250 million in funding in just the second half of 2020, and 2021 revenue is expected to reach $1.55 billion, a 20 percent increase over 2020. However, not all CDPs are created equal. To help you find exactly what functionality you need in a CDP –  and what you don’t – Redpoint designed a custom CDP builder app that enables you to discover the specific capabilities your CDP will need based on your industry and use case(s).

The CDP builder is referred to as the #Molecule. Like the scientific version – a group of atoms representing the smallest unit of a chemical compound that can take part in a chemical reaction – the Redpoint CDP builder enables you to visually map the granular functionality that you will need to meet your use case or the specific business goal you’re trying to accomplish. The “chemical reaction,” in this case, being a personalized, hyper-relevant experience that is always in the proper cadence of an individual customer journey.

The intention is to get the conversation started by showing visitors to the website what they need at a tactical level. Often, terminology seems to exist in a vacuum, making it difficult to understand how functionality is tied to solving for a specific use case. With the Redpoint solution finder, terminology is matched to the business problem at hand, helping users understand the key steps and functionality needed to accomplish the desired goal. Easy to use, the #Molecule will help you map a CX “DNA” that is unique to your company’s vision for a differentiated customer experience.

For instance, marketers may understand the value of a single view of the customer, where customer data of every type and from every source comes together to form a golden record. But fewer marketers understand that advanced identity resolution, real-time persistent updates and a real-time decisioning engine are among the key features that give a golden record its power to deliver a hyper-personalized CX. By showing marketers the core components that they need, we can show them how Redpoint can help at a tactical level – making it easier to understand the value proposition vs. what other CDP vendors may deliver.

How it Works

The customer CDP builder is easy to use. Website visitors are asked just two questions: What are you trying to accomplish, and what is your industry.

Use cases include real-time personalization, journey orchestration and data integration. A user who selects real-time personalization and retail/CPG (see Figure 1) will see the logo for the rg1 customer experience platform at the center of the molecule, with the attaching “atoms” of DM (data management), RPI (Redpoint Interaction, aka intelligent orchestration layer) and AML.

Redpoint CDP Builder

Figure 1: The Redpoint solution finder showing the molecule for real-time personalization for a retail/CPG company. The “atoms” show the components of Data Management that yield real-time personalization: Real-time data layer, identity resolution, data enrichment and prebuilt data connectors.

This screenshot highlights the DM components integral to real-time personalization. Hovering over AML or RPI on the solution finder will similarly highlight the key functionality of those components.

The purpose of providing a simple visual representation is to help users quickly identify the functionality and capabilities needed to accomplish their business goals, and to break down and explain that functionality clearly and concisely. It also helps users quickly find relevant content about rg1 and its capabilities pertinent to their specific use case. The color-coded atoms (an orange outline for RPI, etc.) correspond to an option on the page to learn more about the components within. Choosing DM, for instance, will present a drop-down menu for each of the four components. After selecting an option, a user is presented with a detailed explanation of benefits along with any applicable explanatory content – videos, case studies, solution briefs, white papers, etc.

Explore the #Molecule today to find out how Redpoint can help you build a CDP that solves for your specific use case(s) and delivers superior, hyper-relevant experiences across an omnichannel customer journey.

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