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Bring more, better health activation and engagement campaigns to life faster with the Redpoint CDP.

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Data-Driven Healthcare Organizations Trust Redpoint

The Redpoint Difference

Improve value-based reimbursements, lower medical spend and enhance member experience with the only CDP that completely addresses the root challenges of data accuracy and accessibility. Help members effortlessly enroll and navigate guiding them towards programs that improve outcomes, increase quality scores and lower medical cost to drive sustainable growth.

Identify the Right Members for Your Programs

Fully integrate all your disparate internal and external data sources to create a unified member profile. Then quickly and autonomously build dynamic members audiences – without IT.

Influence Members to Change Behavior

Drive the right members to the right care through personalized omnichannel communication driven by data, insights and dynamic feedback – seamlessly coordinated to prevent friction.

Create a Data Foundation for Speed to Value

Quickly deploy an enterprise-grade customer data platform for immediate member-centric activation and engagement. Redpoint seamlessly fits into any technology stack and adapts with your business as your use cases evolve.

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Payer Use Cases

Strategically orchestrate meaningful member journeys that drive better health outcomes and higher ROI across business units and programs in the value-based care ecosystem.

Value-Based Reimbursement
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Care Gap Closure

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Pre-CAHPS Program

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Annual Wellness Visit

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Medication Management & Adherence

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Chronic Care Management

Total Medical Spend
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Care Program Enrollment

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Prevention & Wellness

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Accurate Risk Adjustment

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Behavioral Health

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Health Equity

Member Experience
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Welcome & Onboarding

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AEP/OEP Lead Generation

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Medicare Age-in

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Member Portal/App Adoption

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NPS & Satisfaction Surveys

Resources for Member Experience Success

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