Single Customer View

See your customer, and the opportunity, in full.


Key Benefits

All that’s knowable is all that’s yours — with the Redpoint® Golden Record. It’s an accurate, complete, holistic picture of the individual customer, compiled via disparate data sources from across the enterprise. And it’s the gateway to driving optimal, real-time customer journeys, across every channel.


Engage everywhere.

Aggregate demographics, known preferences, intent and transaction histories to power superbly relevant customer experiences. In every moment, in every channel.


Win the race to revenue.

Get onto the surest, fastest path from data to revenue and higher ROI. With the Redpoint Golden Record and the perfectly personalized experiences it makes possible.


Evolve masterfully.

Establish a single point of data control to take command of your digital transformation. While deploying rgOne® with strict data security in either a private cloud or hybrid environment.

rgOne in action.

Revenue and results depend on great customer experiences. And those experiences depend on accurate, comprehensive views into each customer. With rgOne, those views are yours to exploit in any number of business-building ways:

Accessible View

Access customer golden records via any enterprise application in real-time. Front line staff can use an easy interface to view  demographic and behavioral information, key metrics, transaction history, customer lifetime value, and more.

Role-, customer-, and field-level access control: They’re all yours, allowing your entire org to use the single customer view in tight compliance with all privacy and security policies and regs.

Audience Segments

With customer data normalized around consolidate views, you can easily create audience segments for detailed analysis or perfectly targeted omni-channel campaigns.

And with native connectors, you can pass segments to third-party AdTech providers — where records are anonymized and usable for targeted ad campaigns.

Machine Learning

rgOne’s superior data quality capabilities let you predict audience segments with perfect clarity. And determine next best actions with highest confidence.

Use the output from machine learning models to build and deploy cross-channel campaigns that deliver personalized experiences. To every individual customer.

rgOne’s machine learning capabilities can even automatically determine the next best action dynamically, within a journey. Likelihood to purchase or defect, expected value, frequency and recency, channel preference, and more: It all can be seen, and known, and acted on.

Call Center & Mobile Devices

Single customer view data can be made available to any system used to interact with customers, including call center solutions, in-store and mobile devices. So support and sales teams have the most relevant offers and content they need to provide the value that customers expect.

Relevant in real-time.

rgOne collects customer information across every one of your data sources, and completes data quality measures (matching, cleansing, normalizing, enriching) to create single customer views. And those profiles are updated in real time, so you’ll always have the most accurate and complete information. To stage experiences, make decisions and choose investments.

The data, connected.

Native connectors allow you to unify each customer’s transactional, demographic, behavioral and intent data – and known preferences – into one, holistic, complete view.

The sources, intact.

Leave all your sources data in place, regardless of format. SQL, NoSQL, centralized database, distributed information: No matter the type, rgOne's federated approach pulls customer data from original sources, building and updating every perfectly complete customer view.

The cadence, constant.

rgOne lets you exchange high volume customers in a low-latency way, ensuring that every Golden Record always caries the most complete, most accurate customer data.

“Having all customer data available to us in one place, with the confidence that it is accurate, timely and comprehensive, has been the biggest asset of partnering with Redpoint®.”

Will Aubuchon

CEO of W.E. Aubuchon Co. Inc.

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

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