Omnichannel Personalization

When you put customers in charge, you put yourself in control.

Key Benefits

Customers want it their way at every turn, in every moment, across every channel — and will quickly go elsewhere to find it. With Redpoint®, you can give them everything they want. While giving yourself every competitive advantage.


Individualized Experiences

Deliver highly relevant messages and offers by using everything knowable about each consumer, across all applicable data sources.


Outsized Revenue Gains

Realize a 7X improvement in response rates and other key metrics that drive customer lifetime value.


Real-Time Engagement

Transform customer experiences to be consistent across all enterprise touchpoints, in real time. For real.

rgOne® in action. On the bottom line.

You needn’t settle for disconnected, fragmented data anymore. With rgOne, you’ll secure a single point of control over all customer decisions and interactions. While executing hyper-personalized experiences, across every channel, to secure higher revenue and long-term customer loyalty.

Omnichannel Journeys

Overcome typical data and operational silos, to create and deliver consistently individualized journeys across every touchpoint.

The result? Experiences loaded with ultra-personalization and zero friction.

  • Digital & traditional touchpoints
  • Online (real-time) and offline (batch)
  • Anonymous and known customer journeys
  • Future-proofed for emerging channels


Build and deploy personalized website experiences for known visitors and even first-time anonymous visitors. Use content, images and recommendations, or any combination, to customize the user experience. Then run A/B/n tests to ensure those experiences are optimized.
You can present campaigns to visitors in real time based on any attribute set, such as:

  • Transaction histories
  • Known preferences & intent
  • Local weather conditions
  • Referring source
  • Industry or account
  • Third-party anonymous profile data


With rgOne, you can use your current email solution(s) to orchestrate campaigns, all from a single interface. And you can apply real-time insights from other steps in the customer journey to send or suppress emails.

That means you can also:

  • Build multi-step email journeys
  • Send batch campaigns to select audiences
  • Trigger one-off emails based on event or action (e.g., abandoned cart)
  • Add personalized content to emails


Fully integrated with mobile app operating systems and mobile notification providers, rgOne gives you the power to execute highly personalized mobile experiences. You deliver custom content and messages (SMS and push notifications) to specific mobile app users, while also supporting critical mobile initiatives including:

  • Buy online, pick-up in store (BOPIS)
  • Location-based marketing and geofencing
  • Price comparison when in-store (showrooming)
  • And more

Call Center & Retail Locations

Single customer view data, including next-best-action, customer sentiment, churn prediction and NPS scores, are available to other systems when interacting with customers, such as call center solutions or mobile usage in retail environments.

It’s that powerful: rgOne lets you cover every customer interaction point, and helps equip support & sales teams with cross-sell offers and alternative product suggestions. For maximum value delivery and optimal customer engagement.


When you connect your IoT devices with customer profiles, you’ll trigger actions and events based on accurate, updated information. And you’ll deliver highly personalized experiences when rgOne uses data from virtually any smart device:

  • Smart appliances (refrigerators, coffee makers)
  • Smart devices (fire detectors, printers)
  • Smart cars (location-based campaigns, good driving rebates)
  • Smart speakers (Alexa, Google, Siri)
  • Healthcare devices and equipment

Direct Mail

Direct mail remains a vital, high-performing channel for many marketers. So rgOne supports high personalization here, too, with critical contributions including:

  • Sending known preference details to printers
  • Triggering events based on certain actions or behaviors
  • Suggesting individualized recommendations & offers
  • Cleansing & de-duping customer data, to reduce waste and cost


Market to segments of one? Yes, you can.

Customer expectations, of your brand and the experiences you stage, are sky-high and getting higher. Enter rgOne, designed to help companies gain the deep customer understanding that’s needed to create & deliver persuasive interactions. At every touchpoint along the customer journey. So you stay relevant, and one step ahead.

Contextual understanding.

With rgOne’s customer data management capabilities, you'll unify internal and external data sources – in short, all that's knowable – to build a single customer view for every individual. That's the Redpoint Golden Record.

Personalized at scale.

You can harness advanced machine learning and orchestration to identify audience segments and deliver the most relevant content, offer or recommendations in real-time. Across millions of customers and billions of interactions.

Zero rip and replace.

It's your choice: Keep your existing “last mile” marketing technologies in place, or replace them when needed. In either case, you can use the rgOne platform to build and deploy omnichannel campaigns from a single interface.

“Taking time to deliver personalized experiences for customers drives loyalty and fosters a strong positive sentiment of the company.... Redpoint’s rgOne platform will be a fundamental element to help deliver this type of personalization at scale.”

Phil Bienert

Chief Marketing Officer at 1-800 Contacts

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