Real-Time Decisions

Audience, channel, content and offers are selected at the moment of interaction. Which means every moment of your CX is relevant and timely.

Key Benefits

Free yourself from the limits of pre-defined, static lists of data, customers or prospects that provide only small glimpses into parts of the customer journey. With rgOne®, you’ll have the unrivaled flexibility of dynamic rules — to re-orient every campaign and experience to evolving business reqs and KPIs.

Real data in the moment.

Improve relevance and performance by making decisions with the latest customer data, all delivered in milliseconds.

Rich choices in the rules.

Select images, personalized messages, channels, times and detailed conditions to match every customer journey and marketing goal.

Ease in machine learning.

Power your decisions with ML models with the click of a mouse – and with AI for an always enriched, adaptive, relevant CX.

Key Highlights

Beyond static boundaries.

rgOne’s rules-driven environment frees you from pre-defined, static lists of data, customers or prospects, which capture only one moment sliced out of the full customer journey. With rgOne’s dynamic and flexible system comes higher customer loyalty, greater LTV and better business outcomes.

Beyond one-dimensional journeys.

Decisions are arbitrated for customers across every campaign and touchpoint, matching their cadence and preference. And rules perfectly control frequency to avoid customer fatigue – while fully respecting privacy. Which means you quickly and appropriately respond to the very latest customer actions including purchases, preferences and even social posts.

Beyond aging profiles.

With the help of real-time decisions, you’ll inform and fuel interactions across every marketing touchpoint, and even into your CRM systems. And because rgOne re-feeds customer activity into the platform in real time, your customer profiles are always current and always accurate – and your next decisions, always perfectly relevant.

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Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint® can put your goals within reach.

Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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