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Build Powerful Data Pipelines to Achieve Unified Profiles

Power data pipelines that harness valuable data about any entity – customer, product, device, location – in your cloud or on premise.


Build And Run Data Pipelines – At Low Cost (2)

Build and Run Data Pipelines – at Low Cost

Build high-performance data pipelines within a CDP or as a standalone solution, including automated data quality, enrichment, identity or entity resolution and the creation of a Golden Record, extending beyond traditional ETL processes.

Automated Data Hygiene – With N0 Code (1)

Automated Data Hygiene – with No Code

You want usable data and accurate, complete entities, without the headaches of massive coding projects and maintenance. Our no-code/low-code environment takes care of versioning, update mechanisms and the tooling to measure, monitor, examine and control all your data.

Automated Data Hygiene – With N0 Code (1)
Configure And Scale To Any Environment (1)

Configure and Scale to Any Environment

Easily configure, extend, and automate data pipelines in any environment with prebuilt macros, SDKs, and APIs. Data management harmonizes with all the major clouds, as well as on premise, and integrates with a wide range of databases and data lakes. Manage message queues, web services, and legacy data in both batch and streaming operations.

Data Management Capabilities

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No-Code Data Pipelines

Drag-and-drop from dozens of pre-built tools to ingest, parse, transform and clean data from any source. Easily configure and test data pipelines, and save pipelines as macros for easy re-use in an easy-to-use visual workbench.

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Data Unification & Entity Resolution

Power entity resolution with automated matching and relationships, smart merge to build Golden Records, and handle changes over time with persistent key generation. Our matching is tunable, high-performance and fits your exact needs.

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Automated Data Quality & Transformations

Data is thoroughly cleaned and tailored to fit your data pipeline, with automations for parsing, standardization, calculation and aggregation across sources. Data processing occurs at user-defined levels from individuals to business entities through customizable data workflows.

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Consistent & Trustworthy Identity with Persistent Keys

Create a real-time 360° view of every customer profile that includes a permanent key identifier for each identity. Apply natural changes as and when they occur, such as combining or breaking apart household or business profiles and recording address changes. Ensure regulatory compliance with a unified view of consent marketing preferences.

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