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Mar 10, 2021

Redpoint CTO to Present at MarTech Virtual Training Event

On Tuesday, March 16, Redpoint Global CTO and Co-Founder George Corugedo will present a session at the MarTech Training virtual event. During the 30-minute presentation, Corugedo will rebut the premise that “Every CDP Does Everything,” demystifying the perception that all customer data platforms that provide data, insight and action capabilities are essentially the same.

Topics will include:

  • An exploration of the nuances between data/insight/action capabilities as they relate to providing a differentiated customer experience.
  • The benefits of starting with an outcome-driven approach with an ultimate focus on creating new revenue streams; per Gartner analysis that marketing leaders measure and operate at an outcomes level.
  • A look at the market and why creating a personalized experience matters in an increasingly digital and contact-free economy.
  • A drill-down into data layer functionality and why many CDP vendors stop short at addressing data complexity (such as transformations).
  • An examination of how a single operational “brain” (a single point of operational and data control in a marketing environment) aligns with customers expectations for a holistic CX that matches their perception of a brand.
  • Why a channel, process and data siloes create a structural inconsistencies and a gap between the experience customers demand and what brands deliver.

Corugedo will also present a deep dive into the Customer Data Management, Automated Machine Learning (AML) and Intelligent Orchestration components of the Redpoint rg1 customer experience platform, breaking down why many customers consider the platform the top revenue-generating application in their environment. Highlights include:

  • Customer data ingestion from every source, format, structure or lack of structure to create a Golden Record with an Identity Graph and any information marketers need to tell a story based on a unified customer profile.
  • How a wizard-driven, template-driven AML application simplifies the building and deploying of code-free, self-training machine learning models that reduce the friction of marketing – without the need for data scientists.
  • An intelligent orchestration layer with a direct connection to all channels through open garden connections, with ingestion to execution measured in milliseconds through a single point of operational control.

This martech training session will draw directly from recent case examples of real-world implementations at Redpoint’s customers, including CVS, Ralph Lauren, Keurig, GoDaddy, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and many other household name brands. Attendees will come away with a new appreciation for what they need to consider in the search for the perfect CDP – as well as to know what to look out for from vendors that often over-promise and under-deliver.

To view the full MarTech virtual event agenda and to register for Corugedo’s session, click here. Scroll down for a brief description of George’s session, scheduled for Tuesday, March 16 at 2:45 p.m.

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