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Master AI for CX Performance

Redpoint AI is the hub of an AI cycle where better data yields better results. 

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Fueling AI Innovation for CX Leaders

Redpoint delivers trusted customer data to drive any AI use case and is designed to easily incorporate and adapt to any new AI innovation so you stay at the forefront of delivering exceptional CX.  


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Drive AI Performance with High-Quality Data

Relevant AI whether it’s for analysis, training, predictions, recommendations, or content generation will only be as good as the data that feeds it. Redpoint’s CDP ensures data excellence right from ingestion, creating a reliable Golden Record with continuously updated customer information. Leverage this robust foundation for your analytics and CX operations across various frameworks, including Databricks, Snowflake, Google, and Azure.

With Redpoint, easily:

  • Drive AI innovations using clean and relevant customer data.
  • Perfect real-time interactions through AI models and Redpoint’s real-time engine.
  • Orchestrate personalized experiences with accurate predictive models.
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Deepen Personalization with AI Insights

Redpoint AI simplifies the construction of dynamic segments with natural language processing, both to generate segments and segment insights. What comes next is the ability to automatically design journeys and interactions. 

Leverage AI to enhance your marketing efforts practically and effectively:

  • Simplified Segmentation: Use natural language processing to build and refine segments.
  • Personalized Content: Generate personalized content within your preferred frameworks using attributes and metadata.
  • Testing and Optimization: Optimize AI-generated content through A/B testing.
  • Real-Time Personalization: Choose or generate content with AI as part of real-time decisions.
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Leverage Our AI Models or Bring Your Own

Redpoint AI offers both out-of-the-box predictive models, that enable marketers to quickly implement automated, guided AI-driven personalization, as well as a bring-your-own model (BYOM) framework, letting you define your own segments, attributes, journey paths, and real-time decisions with AI.  

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