Intelligent Orchestration

Design and coordinate individualized journeys across all touchpoints – inbound and outbound, digital and physical, batch and real-time

Features: Omnichannel Orchestration

Execute complex multitouch, multichannel journeys or simple one-off campaigns that are designed to engage with customers and prospects on the channels that they choose to interact with your business. Dynamic rules and content enable marketers to keep up with each customer’s cadence as preferences, interests and needs evolve.

Features: Real-Time Orchestration

More than ever before, consumers live online — readily addressable and expecting highly personal content and experiences. And what binds real-time data and decisions to those kinds of experiences? rgOne’s real-time orchestration. It is simply the most advanced, most reliable means with which you can build compelling real-time journeys, optimize and validate decisions, and capture profitable insights.

Features: Advertising & Acquisition Orchestration

Bridge the worlds of MarTech and AdTech to accurately define target lists of customers and prospects, efficiently execute online advertising campaigns, significantly reduce ineffective ad spend, and present relevant experiences to first-time website visitors.

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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