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Maximize Member Engagement, Using Your Own Data

Personalize and automate your member engagement programs with our exclusive low-commitment, high-impact POC offer.

Tired of low digital activation rates, or hearing all-too familiar complaints? Unleash your full potential using the Redpoint CDP and strategic expertise from Engagys.

In a winning combination, Redpoint and Engagys are partnering to bring together data-driven technology with best in class, personalized engagement solutions to help you make the most of your member data. With this combo, we’ll help you increase member satisfaction and maximize program enrollment rates – using member data that you already have.

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With a single view of your member data, you can

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Personalize member engagement for every member

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Boost engagement by up to 65%

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Increase CAHPS scores for your MA members

Why partner with us to elevate your member-centricity strategy?


of U.S. consumers wish their healthcare experiences were more personalized1


of U.S. consumers would consider switching provider or health plan due to poor engagement2


more revenue growth from personalized marketing activities compared to average3

1. Dynata & Redpoint, Patients are more likely to choose a provider based on how well they are understood beyond basic patient data, 2020
2. Dynata & Redpoint, Healthcare Perspectives on Consumer Engagement, 2022
3. McKinsey, The Value of Getting Personalization Right—or Wrong—is Multiplying, 2021

Your expert partners in personalized member engagement

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Redpoint helps healthcare organizations ignite the full potential of their data to drive superior member experience. Redpoint enables personalization at scale, using technology to solve customer engagement challenges across data, insight, and actions.

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With decades of experience in healthcare and having deployed hundreds of engagement and marketing projects, Engagys has driven significant value in revenue generation, consumer behavior change, and more.