Open vs Walled Garden

Integrate Existing MarTech Investments with new Best-of-Breed Solutions

Capitalize on an Open Garden

Open vs Walled Garden

Instead of forcing you into a walled-garden marketing technology stack, Redpoint’s open architecture lets you leverage existing marketing technologies and extend the life of those systems while easily incorporating new best-of-breed solutions. With Redpoint, you don’t need to rip-and-replace. Redpoint’s open-garden approach gives you a single point of control over data and operations.

With hundreds of out-of-the-box connectors, you can easily and quickly connect to virtually any database or marketing engagement system.


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New Possibilities for an Enhanced Customer Experience

Redpoint breaks the barriers by providing an innovative, scalable hub that connects all your data to uncover new insights and orchestrate smarter across all touchpoints. The result? A seamless customer experience across the enterprise that is hyper-personalized to each customer’s needs, expectations, and preferences.

Sensors, the IoT, and mobile apps can transform your business – but only if you break free of the data, rules, and processes that are trapped in siloed customer engagement systems.

Engaging the Always-Connected Consumer

The rigid walled-garden approach cannot keep up with new, ever-changing ways to interact with consumers. With sensors, smart phones, and connected devices, today’s digitally connected consumers don’t follow a linear journey – they can show up at any touchpoint at any time. Redpoint’s open-garden approach ensures you can adapt to today’s and tomorrow’s customer engagement landscape.

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Open Garden Approach eBook

This eBook examines the open garden approach and how it’s solutions enable marketers to more effectively engage customers across the enterprise, as opposed to a walled garden approach.

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Intelligent Orchestration eBook

Your company needs to respond with the right messages, offers, and content – in real time – across all channels and touchpoints, all the time.

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