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Feb 6, 2024

Ten Things You Can Do with a CDP

You’ve connected all of your data sources. You have a single view of the customer. You have a deep, personal understanding of each customer and a contextual understanding of individual customer journeys. In short, you know everything there is to know about a customer – likes, dislikes, preferences, household information and other meaningful details. You are ready to ignite your customer data to its fullest potential to accomplish your business goals. With the Redpoint CDP, the possibilities are as varied and numerous as your customer base. With Redpoint, you know that your unified customer profile is accurate, trustworthy and ready for take-off, primed to power an omnichannel personalized customer experience. The fact that you chose Redpoint indicates that you had larger aspirations for your data. You likely even had a few use cases in mind for how you were going to leverage a unified profile into more revenue and more loyal customers. In the event you need a few ideas to help turn that ignition switch, here are 10 Things You Can Do with the Redpoint CDP.

  1. Maximize use of your entire MarTech stack – Because the unified customer profile is accessible and ready for use across the enterprise, data, process and channel siloes are a thing of the past – as are your channel-centric systems. Using Redpoint as a single source of truth for the customer, you eliminate duplications, consolidate resources and maintain consistency across all customer engagements.
  2. Visualize, experiment and craft meaningful audiences – Say goodbye to unintelligent, uninformed broad segments. Super-powered dynamic segmentation with easy-to-use visual software (and no coding) shortens campaign and journey creation cycle time. In-line, self-training models will precisely segment audiences along any data or analytic attribute.
  3. Rapidly respond to business changes and edge cases – Because Redpoint offers the ultimate flexibility in cloud configurations, you’re not locked into a data model. You control your data as our software seamlessly fits in any IT environment – your cloud, ours or hybrid. A future-proof architecture with easy configuration and no-code extensions primes your organization for steady innovation, adaptable to continual business change and emerging trends and technologies – including generative AI.
  4. Interact in the cadence of the customer, without exception – Customer journeys are often compressed and in real time. Because Redpoint delivers real-time aggregation calculations in creating and updating a unified customer profile, you are always in synch with the customer across all physical and digital touchpoints.
  5. Ensure your data is always fit-for-purpose – Visualization tools allow marketers and business users to see the processes and result of bringing customer data together. Through graphs, charts, Venn diagrams and other tools, data observability enables continual monitoring of incoming data, giving marketers trust and confidence in the veracity of a unified profile.
  6. Reduce cost per interaction and increase marketing ROI – By eliminating duplications through a single source of truth for the customer, all customer communications are optimized for a specific audience. Emails, SMS, surveys and real-time responses to inbound engagements are delivered as next-best actions for an individual customer journey.
  7. Establish trust and build brand loyalty – By engaging with each customer with a hyper-personalized CX, you demonstrate that you value the customer as an individual. Customers see that their data is used in accordance with their preferences and consent to enhance CX, and they respond with repeat business and by sharing more information. The value exchange cements a mutually beneficial relationship and increases lifetime value.
  8. Achieve key CX use cases – Higher customer retention, acquisition, average purchase, purchase frequency, revenue per customer and other CX metrics are all in play through using the unified profile to power frictionless experiences across omnichannel customer journeys.
  9. Deliver timely, welcomed triggered actions – Delight your customers with timely responses to an action, event or broken geofence – an abandoned shopping cart reminder, a prescription fulfillment notification, an alert to a flight or hotel room booking change, a weather delay. Increase open rates, orders and conversions with one or a series of triggered actions timed to optimize a frictionless customer journey.
  10. Optimize ad targeting and retargeting – Integrating with advertising platforms, Redpoint optimizes ad targeting based on real-time updates to a customer profile. This includes retargeting ads to individuals who have shown interest in specific products or categories, increasing conversion rates.

Whatever your goals and vision for turning a unified customer profile into new revenue streams and more loyal customers who trust that their data is in good hands, Redpoint can help get you there. 

Steve Zisk 2022 Scaled

Redpoint Global

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