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Jul 20, 2021

Redpoint In Situ, Perfect Data, in Real Time, in Your Own Security Perimeter

Poor data quality is a universal problem that impacts nearly every company today. Whether the aim is to deliver a consistently relevant customer experience for millions of customers, or to execute internal processes without error, clean data is essential for business operations. But achieving exceptional data quality across systems, sources, departments, stakeholders and geographies is complicated.

Data siloed by channel, process or department cause bottlenecks that are difficult to overcome; multiple formats, different entry systems, a lack of context, various rules for use, sharing and retention and data never being available within the cadence and consistency to meet business needs are all familiar issues to business users. This inevitably leads to negative financial and operational impacts, including higher costs of interaction, lower customer satisfaction and lost opportunities.

The typical approaches to data quality and identity resolution today both come with high risk and cost. One approach is to ship data across the internet to managed services or SaaS-based customer data platforms (CDPs), which exposes data beyond an enterprise’s own security perimeter. Alternatively, an IT-centered data quality approach, which may keep data in-house, suffers from bottlenecks caused by IT and data engineer resource shortages, complex time-consuming coding and configuration, and conflicting project priorities.

Presenting harmonized, perfect data to use throughout the enterprise in a way that is simple, straightforward, privacy-focused and in place within an enterprise’s own database is the premise behind Redpoint In Situ™, the first cloud-native, data quality-as-a-service (DQaaS) that delivers perfected data and resolved identities in real time, using exclusively first-party data, where the data resides.

With today’s announcement, In Situ is the first viable solution to put business decision makers fully in control of their customer data without compromise – operating seamlessly within an organization’s existing cloud subscription. With data quality, identity resolution and governance contained within an enterprise’s existing Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), In Situ yields a comprehensive identity graph and a full transactional and behavior tail as a real-time, holistic golden record for each customer with zero data exposure.

Quality, Reliability and Trust

Named for the Latin phrase of the same name, In Situ provides unified customer data in place, anywhere the database may exist, at unprecedented ease, speed and scale without the need to transfer data across the internet. With a simple, powerful and privacy-focused approach, In Situ provides radical transparency into the quality, reliability and trust of all customer data – empowering businesses to confidently actualize their data across all edge points of the enterprise. The newfound trust in enterprise data will be reflected in a proprietary Redpoint Trust Index™, providing the enterprise with unprecedented confidence in data that will empower positive change and revenue impact.

In Situ makes it easy for business users to visualize data sources, attributes, quality dimensions and status without the need to interact directly with the underling tools or user interface. Self-service capabilities include the creation of transformations and addition of data sources – fully automated capabilities that will not require human intervention on the operations side. Because self-serve capabilities are targeted to business users rather than engineers and IT, it is visually oriented, intuitive and with graphical and visual communications of database health, quality and status – allowing business users to monitor and communicate data status across teams.

Break Free of the IT, Organizational Bottlenecks

In Situ removes the time, cost and complexity from data quality and integration processes – providing organizations with perfect data in real time. It continuously produces accurate, complete and enriched data from a spectrum of enterprise and external sources, using cloud resources that provide data integration, quality and governance as if it were embedded in an organization’s own application. The ensuring golden record includes a complete identity graph coupled with a descriptive tail where all the behavioral, demographics, transformations, preferences, models scores, etc. all reside.

In Situ ensures that changes to a data record are made at the same cadence as technology and process changes. As a results-oriented solution built on a fully customizable data model tuned to business level metrics, the inconsistencies of misunderstood data, or inefficiencies of relying on disconnected teams to “self-service” the data all disappear.

Leverage Redpoint’s Expertise

In Situ was born with the vision and recognition that data quality and identity resolution are not proprietary to a customer data platform use case. Rather, sub-optimal data is an issue that affects the entire enterprise. Marketing and customer experience are key use cases, but just as a customer views a relationship with a company as one holistic experience that spans all channels and departments, a company must adopt the same mindset toward having impeccable first-party data.

Leveraging Redpoint’s core data management technology, In Situ empowers business users to have complete confidence that data is rock solid, and consistent across the enterprise, with scalability and performance that deliver new data points in real time. With perfect data, organizations drive better customer experiences. Marketers can deliver real-time, dynamic, data-driven interactions across any channel, while analysts and data scientists can focus on models, visualizations and questions instead of data wrangling.

With a golden record for each customer that persists over time, aggregated to various levels (e.g., household) and accessible in real time; and with processes that are automated, high performance, scalable and well-governed (quality, compliance, security, and privacy), business users no longer have to worry about the repercussions of bad data, or trade-off data quality for speed and scalability. With In Situ from Redpoint, business users can focus instead on delivering value for the enterprise, confident they’re working with perfect data as their organization defines it.

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