In Situ™

Cloud-native data quality-as-a-service.


In Situ is a cloud-native, data quality-as-a-service (DQaaS) that delivers perfected data and resolved identities in real time, using exclusively first-party data.

Perfect Customer Data

Unified customer data delivered with unprecedented ease and speed, accessible across the enterprise.

Security First

All customer data is transformed & integrated without ever leaving your security perimeter.

Radical Transparency

Complete view into the quality of your data provides the transparency needed to confidently use customer data at all edge points.

Perfected Data

In Situ uses advanced technology to integrate any data source immediately – while standardizing, cleansing, matching and transforming data – delivering the perfect data to meet your organization’s specific needs.


Resolved Identities

In Situ accurately resolves identities across your enterprise by using Redpoint’s advanced matching to create a comprehensive golden record for each customer.


Deploy Quickly, Deliver Anywhere

Deploy In Situ in your existing Virtual Private Cloud and securely make perfected data available across the enterprise.


Driven by First-Party Data

In Situ uses a company’s first-party data to build and maintain a comprehensive identity graph and a full transactional and behavior trail as a real-time, holistic golden record.


Unmatched Speed & Scalability

In Situ scales to support the biggest enterprises and processes at the cadence of your business with near-zero latency.

Enterprise Controlled Data

In Situ enables enterprises to control their data – business users get the transparency and trust in their data, IT significantly accelerates the delivery of solutions for their business users, Infosec maintains control of their data and security perimeter.  This is in sharp contrast to managed services where transparency is lost, trust is low, and data is exposed.


Cloud Native

In Situ is a cloud native containerized service that is highly scalable and is deployable in any major cloud – taking advantage of foundational cloud capabilities.

Trustworthy and Impactful

In Situ offers a completely new way for business users to create new attributes and data transformations on the fly, while also delivering a trusted level of quality. Business users gain a newfound level of confidence and trust in the data, based on the Redpoint Trust Index™, empowering them to drive positive change and revenue impact for their organizations.

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