Omnichannel Efficiency Drives Latest Customer Engagement Hub Release

Modern marketers do not have the luxury or patience to re-design or re-purpose channel-specific engagement strategies, not if they wish to keep pace with the continuously connected consumer who expects a personalized experience throughout a dynamic customer journey.

Intelligent orchestration guides the real-time, context-driven responsiveness that customers expect, and delivering on these capabilities informed the latest enhancements to the Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub™, Redpoint Interaction™ 5.1, which I’m excited to announce is generally available today.

Redpoint Interaction 5.1 provides capabilities that will ease marketing efforts at omnichannel efficiency. Highlights center on three key themes: marketing productivity, intelligent orchestration, and operational enhancements.

Marketing Productivity

There are few things more frustrating for a marketer than having to duplicate efforts when building an offer or interaction. Wasted time becomes a more pressing concern when engaging with the omnichannel consumer. Redpoint Interaction 5.1 targets productivity and re-usability in three areas to improve the day-to-day life of the marketer.

  • Marketing Templates and Placeholders – Redpoint Interaction 5.1 introduces templates that enhance efficiency and increase time savings by allowing best practices for interactions, offers, and rules. Marketers can save templates that can easily be re-used without having to open, clone, or save as new. Placeholders further the re-usability concept by allowing marketers to change the value of an attribute without having to build new selection rules.
  • Metadata Everywhere – Beyond assigning metadata to a campaign, Redpoint Interaction 5.1 allows metadata to be assigned across every file system, providing context to assets and capturing information that can be used for downstream reporting and attribution reporting.
  • User Experience – Reusable copy and clone options facilitate easier sharing of dashboards and widgets.







Operational Enhancements

The previous release of Redpoint Interaction introduced native NoSQL support. Redpoint Interaction 5.1 is the next evolution of support for auxiliary databases, eliminating their limited nature and function with a push across the entire platform. In Redpoint Interaction 5.1, marketers can use information in an auxiliary database for personalization, splits, and suppressions without having to move data.

  • New Databases – Native support for innovative cloud databases such as Snowflake and Google BigQuery, and NoSQL databases such as Couchbase and Cosmos DB.
  • Workflow Notifications – Marketers can now be automatically notified whenever a workflow is paused, or a long-running activity exceeds a specific timeframe.
  • Automated Diagnostics – Marketers can go into an interaction workflow results view and download comprehensive diagnostic information, whether the workflow has failed or not, for potentially significant downtime reduction.

Intelligent Orchestration

Furthering the Redpoint open garden philosophy that encourages platform integrations and compatibility with a host of best-of-breed solutions, Redpoint Interaction 5.1 adds several key integrations.

  • Email Design – Continued expansion in email service provider integrations include MailChimp. Enhancements also include the ability to preview personalized email content for an individual customer.
  • SMS Platforms – Cheetah Digital SMS has been added to the platform for targeted mobile engagement.
  • Facebook Offline – Redpoint Interaction 5.1 provides native support for Facebook Offline Conversions, which allows for the tracking of transactions in physical business locations after people engage with Facebook ads.

Where to Learn More

Join us in the Redpoint Customer Community here for details, documentation, and downloads of the product. To learn more, join us on May 28th for a webinar on Redpoint Interaction 5.1, and watch the embedded video where Redpoint Global Head of Engineering Ian Clayton and VP of Product Strategy Patrick Tripp discuss the new release of in greater detail.


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