Introducing the Next Generation of the Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub

The customer experience is a primary success factor in today’s business. We all know that 86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience while only 1% of brands are able to meet or exceed their expectations. Further, a recent study with the CMO Council found that 41 percent of marketers admit they are failing to deliver on customers’ expectations of personalization and contextual engagements across the customer journey. The ability to know what customers want and reach them anywhere in the customer journey is what will transform the customer experience.

That is why today, I’m personally excited to unveil the next generation of the Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub™ . The Customer Engagement Hub allows organizations to better recognize customers through enhancements in the Redpoint Customer Data Platform™, know what customers want with advanced analytics in the new AI Studio™, and deliver innovative customer experiences at speed and scale across all inbound and outbound touch points.

Our customers are demanding tools that can keep pace with customer expectations. Customers like Andrew Heltzel, Corporate Director of Marketing and CRM at Xanterra Parks & Resorts have already seen success with the Customer Engagement Hub. During the time working with Redpoint Global, Xanterra has increased revenue over 150 percent across three properties, reduced marketing costs of interaction, and reduced data prep time by 80 percent. Heltzel states, “We are excited to take advantage of the new innovations to the Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub. The platform enhancements to customer data, analytics, and orchestration will provide Xanterra Travel Collection and our key brands more autonomy and control over delivering impactful guest experiences in digital and onsite properties.”

Marketing and business leaders need to help customers engage in a journey versus focusing on just the individual channel metrics to judge success. However, they also need solutions that can provide them with actionable insight without requiring entirely on a data scientist to extract that information.

To deliver these capabilities we’ve enhanced the platform to focus on three core elements:

Recognizing the Customer: Using the Redpoint Customer Data Platform (CDP), leverage all data to understand customers in their context and cadence.

Know all that’s knowable about a customer: Access all customer data easily without limitations, including new options for streaming data platforms and the latest cloud and NoSQL database technologies.

Make it precise: Apply identity resolution, supplementing the platform’s most advanced probabilistic matching with enhanced email and address matching and compliance stewardship workflows to track changes.

Sharpen your vision: Create a single customer view – an optimal customer profile for insight, decisions, and clienteling interactions to drive more contextually relevant engagements in cadence with the customer.



Knowing What the Customer WantsRedpoint introduces AI Studio™, which puts the power of advanced analytics into the hands of marketers. The capabilities humanize access to advanced analytics, empowering greater collaboration and creativity across both marketers and data scientists.

Simplify analytics for marketers: Choose from a library of models and engage in guided model creation and deployment, making modeling available to a range of skill sets and providing transparency to model inputs and objectives.

Optimize model results: Use evolutionary tactics to automatically train and optimize fleets of models tuned to business objectives.

Personalize path to purchase: Leverage predictive analytics to score customers and deliver dynamic, highly personalized customer journeys.


Delivering Relevant Experiences to Each Customer: Use the most current, comprehensive and accurate data across the entire enterprise to personalize every moment of engagement across all touchpoints.

Unlock data and creativity: Reduce the time and expense of developing new data sources with the latest Cloud and NoSQL technologies to leverage data across the organization – without coding or customization. By offering the most comprehensive access to data, marketers can tap into information faster and easier than ever before, amplifying the creative process.

Unify inbound and outbound marketing: Support real-time, dynamic customer journeys, increase efficiency, and enable creativity through a unified rules workspace that manages inbound and outbound interactions. Deploy guided campaigns that increase speed to value.

Embrace open garden connectivity: Engage with customers in any interaction touchpoint, leveraging Redpoint’s hundreds of connectors including Listrak and Bronto ESPs, Twilio Notify, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Custom Audiences for personalized social engagement.


The enhanced Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub provides a single point of control over data, decisions, and interactions, revolutionizing how marketers access data and analytics to drive personalized engagements across every interaction touchpoint. It allows you to know all that is knowable about your customers, no matter the platform, data source or number of touchpoints. What are your thoughts? Feel free to contact me if you want to learn more about the platform.



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