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Aug 14, 2018

Optimize Customer Engagement with an Omnichannel Strategy

The customer experience has changed dramatically in the last decade to become more dynamic than ever before. Consumers now engage with brands through multiple channels and multiple devices in a seamless, dynamic path to purchase that has largely replaced the linear customer journey of the past. Brands must acknowledge that they are no longer in control of the pathways their customers traverse from awareness to sale. What brands can do, however, is provide a consistent experience across all possible channels of engagement.

Delivering on such an omnichannel marketing strategy is vital; customers often start a task on one device and finish it on another – and they expect a consistent experience on both. To provide this kind of seamless experience, brands need to understand where their customers are in the path to purchase, how to reach them in the right context, and what the right cadence is for personalized interactions. To be truly omnichannel, brands also must provide these things consistently across every possible touchpoint.

Brands face several key challenges in achieving this goal, including siloed data that results in limited insight into customer behavior and preferences, an inability to determine next best actions in real time, and a lack of ability to orchestrate contextually relevant interactions regardless of channel. These capabilities are critical, especially because consumers are increasingly unwilling to transact with a brand that doesn’t meet their expectations.

For brands that can deliver on a truly omnichannel strategy, the benefits are substantial. In our infographic below, we outline the benefits of providing an omnichannel customer experience, including higher customer retention, higher per-transaction spend, and increased customer lifetime value. Brands would do well to pay attention to the barriers they face as, especially as customer experience has already become a competitive differentiator in the marketplace.




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