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Jul 18, 2023

Hawaiian Airlines Partners with Redpoint to Deliver a Personalized CX with the Redpoint CDP

Hawaiian Airlines’ customers board with expectations – not just to arrive safely to their destination, but to have a seamless, connected experience across every engagement with the brand from pre-travel to post-travel. Every passenger’s unique journey spans far more than the flight destination, and Hawaiian knows that creating a loyal customer depends on having a deep, personal understanding of a customer’s behaviors, preferences and general travel portfolio. Does the customer travel mostly for business or pleasure? Do they book online? How far in advance do they search for fares? Do they prefer the aisle or a window seat? Are they active in the rewards program?

To meet evolving customer expectations for omnichannel personalization, Hawaiian Airlines partnered with Redpoint Global to create a single view of the customer with the Redpoint CDP. The airline cited Redpoint’s data management capabilities, the creation of a Golden Record and the ability to target new segments as key factors in the decision-making process.

Better Data Management, a Better Experience

In its 95th year of service, Hawaiian Airlines’ more than 60 aircraft have carried about 10 million customers – and counting – on daily routes from the state of Hawaii to every major city on the West Coast as well as scheduled service to Boston, Orlando, Austin and the American Samoa.

The airline had been facing several challenges related to disconnected customer data and siloed marketing technologies that prevented a single customer view. Its marketing team was relying on manual processes to achieve basic personalization and segmentation, resulting in expensive and time-consuming custom implementations – as well as static offers that were not personalized to each customer’s updated travel portfolio.

Existing customer records were sometimes outdated and inaccurate, making it difficult to maintain and enhance customer relationships. The airline’s marketing team also faced delays in communicating with groups of customers through digital channels.

Hawaiian Airlines selected Redpoint because of the its proven success in meeting the airline’s main goals, which were to reduce duplication in technology, create stronger data management and governance practices, support a more streamlined omnichannel marketing engine and create a more flexible and connected infrastructure for marketing and IT systems.

Flexibility and Control

With real-time data quality checks and continuous data cleansing, Redpoint will ensure that Hawaiian Airlines’ customer database remains accurate and up-to-date, a key factor in reducing duplicate records that will result in higher ROI and better customer engagement. The Redpoint Golden Record serves as a single source of truth for the customer, providing Hawaiian Airlines with an accurate, real-time and persistently updated, unified customer record that lets the airline know everything there is to know about a customer. With the platform’s real-time decisioning and intelligent orchestration capabilities providing a single source of operational control, next-best actions – inbound and outbound – will be delivered in the cadence of each Hawaiian Airlines customer throughout an omnichannel journey.

Another driver for the project was for Redpoint to serve as a hub for Hawaiian Airlines’ future Martech platform evolution. While a core capability of the Redpoint platform is integrating data from various sources to build a complete customer profile, rg1 also offers flexibility with a composable architecture framework that allows companies to quickly bring in additional data sources and enterprise technology – such as a generative AI application for instance. Or to quickly switch out a database to cost-effectively achieve performance benchmarks.

Another goal for Hawaiian Airlines was to enhance its ability to personalize and target new segments. The airline had been facing issues with basic personalization and segmentation due to its disconnected customer data and marketing technologies. With Redpoint, Hawaiian Airlines creates more sophisticated customer segments based on a wider range of attributes and facets resulting in more personalized and relevant marketing campaigns, increased customer engagement and loyalty.

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