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Key Benefits

Transform your customer’s digital experience by integrating disparate data into a one, comprehensive, single customer view. And use that full picture to improve loyalty and increase share of wallet.


Optimized Customer Value.

Deliver contextually relevant actions across all touchpoints and journey stages. For material gains in loyalty and customer LTV.


Real-Time Offers.

Target prospects with granular precision, using offers and messages that you've dynamically personalized in real time.


Lower Churn.

Use machine learning to monitor customer behavior and likely defection. And stay one step ahead with proactive engagement via their preferred channels.

rgOne® in action.

With rgOne, healthcare orgs can overcome siloed data and achieve a single point of control for customer data, decisions and interactions. Which allows healthcare marketers to execute hyper-personalized, omni-channel interactions that increase revenue and lower costs.

Segmentation and Predictive Models

Use machine learning to determine customer audiences based on the likelihood that specific consumers will or won’t respond to specific events or conditions.

  • Likelihood to churn
  • Likelihood to upgrade
  • Best message content
  • Best message channel

Offers and Next Best Action

Use marketer-set rules combined with machine learning models to determine the best offers or actions for specific customers. With the rgOne platform, you can easily design and deliver the most profitable offers across every inbound and outbound channel.

  • Suggest the right incentive to keep a customer from churning
  • Send NPS scores to customers with positive sentiment
  • Respond to life events, such as moving or entering college

Digital Advertising

Define audience segments to drive deeper analysis and omnichannel campaigns. Use native connectors to pass anonymized segments to third-party AdTech providers, and to deliver targeted advertising campaigns on a wide range of publishing sites.

Website Targeting

Personalize site experiences for known visitors or even first-time anonymous visitors. Use content, images and offers in any combination to customize the visitor experience, presented to users in real time and based on any attribute mix.

  • Existing customer status
  • Previously purchased products & services
  • Visitor geography
  • Referring source
  • Third-party anonymous profile data

Timely & Relevant Email Communications

With rgOne, you can use your existing email solution(s) to orchestrate campaigns, all from a single interface. Apply real-time insights from every step in the customer journey to send or suppress the next email.

  • Send batch campaigns to select audiences
  • Trigger one-off emails to create urgency
  • Add personalized content to emails

Deploy A/B/n Tests to Optimize Experiences

Conduct A/B/n tests to determine which variations drive the best business results. Run tests on websites, in email communications, SMS messages and even advertising campaigns. And if you limit those tests to specific audience segments, rgOne can automatically use the winning candidate for your campaign rollout.

Call Center

Make customer profile data from rgOne easily accessible by customer engagement systems such as call centers. Equip your support and sales teams with the most relevant offers and content when they engage directly with customers.

Individual & Householding Views

rgOne helps telecom companies understand relationships between existing customers and those living beneath the same roof (i.e., householding).

And those households can be broken apart or re-combined when life events, such as divorce or college enrollment, demand.

New Channels and IoT Devices

As technology evolves and new IoT devices enter the market, rgOne lets you easily incorporate these advancements into your understanding of customer behavior. And helps you see how to effectively interact with customers on these emerging platforms.

Your Customers. Your Data. Your Advantage.

Today’s always-on, always-accessible consumer makes it difficult to optimize every interaction against your goals for acquisition, retention and wallet share. Responding to consumers’ specific needs, in their cadence and context, requires real-time data, analytics and orchestration. All aligned & adaptable to shifting market dynamics. That’s where rgOne comes in.

Know better, do better.

Combine data sources and resolve identities in real-time, yielding a single customer view that's as easily accessible as it is detailed. To put yourself in perfect position to create highly differentiated experiences.

Precise predictions, perfect actions.

With rgOne’s sophisticated machine learning, you can accurately predict which customers will likely respond to specific offers, and pair each customer with the most relevant message, channel and timing. To deliver the most impressive results.

Dynamic, differentiated journeys.

Easily create and deploy customer-driven journeys - across every inbound and outbound channel - to engage with customers wherever, however and whenever they want.

“Redpoint® enables us to create complex communications through different channels, times and triggers to enhance each other.”

Mike Taschuk

Director, Marketing Client Operations at GuideWell Connect

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