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Forrester Report: The Capabilities CDPs Need to Deliver Value for B2C Marketers

“42% of enterprise martech users say understanding customer behavior across channels and devices will be a major challenge in the next two years.”

With marketing cloud vendors announcing their own CDP solutions, interest in providing technology that help companies manage customer data is at an all-time high. In both a crowded and evolving marketplace, however, there is undeniable confusion about CDPs and the scope of their capabilities.

In fact, Forrester Analysts Joe Stanhope and Stephanie Liu wrote in their recent report outline shortcomings of many CDPs that often simply “shift martech features and functionality from one bucket to another.”

The report goes on to present a list of key elements that businesses should consider when evaluating enterprise grade CDPs – capabilities that meet a company’s needs today and tomorrow.

They include:

  • Enhanced customer data management beyond the purpose of just centralizing data
  • An integrated ecosystem for moments-based orchestrating campaigns
  • Ability to span the entire customer journey across any channel – not just a select channel (i.e., email)
  • A deep foundation in AI/ML
  • Automated decisioning and real-time orchestration to support omnichannel marketing
  • An open and flexible platform that can evolve and change with a company’s requirements.

Unlike many other CDP vendors, Redpoint meet every one of these requirements today! Innovative companies used Redpoint to transform their customer experiences and drive revenue. Redpoint’s solutions provide a scalable and unified, single point of control where all customer data is connected and every customer touchpoint intelligently orchestrated.

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