Customer Centricity

Customer-centric marketing shows customers you understand their needs and preferences by delivering contextually relevant interactions at every touchpoint and stage in the customer journey.

Defining Customer Centricity

Customer centricity is a strategic approach to customer experience, leveraging data to provide highly relevant experiences across the entire lifecycle. Customer centricity is the idea that every moment of interaction a consumer has with your brand is extremely relevant and that gaining insight into customer context and cadence enables you to maintain that level of hyper-personalization. Ultimately, it’s a value exchange: if you treat each individual as a segment of one, they will reward you in revenue. Prioritizing a customer-centric approach to customer experience (CX) increases acquisition, retention, and lifetime value.

One way to demonstrate customer centricity is by delivering relevant, engaging experiences at every interaction. This is especially true of marketing interactions. Customer-centric marketing makes it clear to customers that you have a deep understanding of their wants, needs, and preferences by delivering contextually relevant actions, advertisements, content, communications, offers, or promotions at every interaction.

With consumers’ expectations rising higher than ever, companies need to do far more than offer pleasant interactions with customer-facing staff. Being truly customer-centric requires three key technology assets: a 360-degree customer view; collating, analyzing, and utilizing data; and the ability to deliver offers at the cadence of each customer.

Taking a customer-centric approach, like one-to-one marketing, speaks to customers as individuals. It addresses and responds to what’s relevant and interesting to each customer when it matters most to them.

“The average age of our customer is 55+; many are married, and at the peaks of their careers. They’re getting ready to retire. If they have children at home, they may soon become empty-nesters, With Redpoint®, we can follow these lifecycle stages very closely, so that we can optimize our marketing spend promoting the right offer to the right audience. ”

Andrew Heltzel

Director for Marketing and CRM at Xanterra Parks and Resorts

Key Benefits

Customer-centric marketing delivers exponentially greater results than generic messaging. With Redpoint’s rgOne® platform, you can speak to each customer in a customer-centric voice—that is, with contextual relevance—at every interaction. And, you can more easily make their lives easier by simplifying their buyer’s journey and improving the customer experience. The result: Their response rates, and your revenue, increase.

Meet Today’s Customer Expectations

Traditional customer journeys have been upended. Broad segments have limited value. The way to demonstrate customer centricity today is to provide the contextually relevant experiences that the modern consumer wants.

Take Real-Time Action on Real-Time Insights

Show customers that you can deliver real value to them by reacting with the right content, offer, or action at the cadence of each customer in any channel or touchpoint.

Benefit From Accurate, Relevant Engagement

Customer identities are messy and come in every type and format. When you can recognize the same customer across channels, devices, browsers, and sessions, you can deliver the kind of relevant experiences that drive material business results.

Key highlights

Customers prefer to do business with customer-centric companies. With real-time omnichannel personalization capabilities from Redpoint rgOne, you can orchestrate and deliver exceptionally relevant, customer-centric experiences across channels in real time.

Deepen Customer Understanding

Unify internal and external data sources using customer data management to build a 360-degree customer view for every individual, accessible by users across the business.

Personalize in the Moment

Harness machine learning and automated omnichannel orchestration to deliver individual customers the most relevant content, offer, or recommendation in real time.

Build Customer-Centric Journeys

Bridge data and operational silos to create individualized customer journeys that deliver one-to-one messaging across every touchpoint.

View Individual Customers at Scale

Access data from across channels and systems by creating a single view of the customer. Any new data becomes part of that single customer view in real time, delivering insight on the customer’s likely course of action.

Understand Customer Intent  

Provide customer-centric responses by listening to, aggregating, and then activating customer data using a real-time decisioning engine. This will enable you to interact with each customer in the right context, in the right channel, at the right cadence.

Improve Marketing Performance

Achieve big gains in marketing efficiency and effectiveness by using real-time decisioning to intelligently orchestrate a customer-centric, one-to-one experience in the context and cadence of each customer at every interaction.

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