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Key Benefits

Deliver individualized messages and offers to drive increased content usage, deeper engagement and higher brand loyalty. Leverage all your consumer data to deliver the most highly personalized & relevant experiences — all while complying with the most exacting privacy guidelines.


In perfect context. In the very moment.

Present personalized experiences that are relevant in the consumer’s context, right up to the very second.


Highly tailored. Highly personal.

Target ads to specific prospects and personalize website experiences using visitor attributes, such as geography.


Anticipation, not defection.

Use machine learning to identify a customer’s likelihood to churn – and which preventive action to take - before it happens.

rgOne® in action.

With Redpoint®, companies of every size can engage every unique consumer as a segment of one — based on purchase histories, preferences, behaviors, needs and wants.

That means media & entertainment marketers can achieve revenue goals, improve retention and drive higher customer loyalty. With passionate customers who willingly market on your behalf.

Upsells and Next Best Actions

With marketer-set rules and machine learning models, you’ll know your next best offers and recommendations for every customer.

And with the rgOne platform, you’ll always know when, where and how to present them.

  • Suggest incentives to prevent defection
  • Send friends & family promotions to customers with positive sentiment
  • Provide loyal customers with access to premium content

Identity Management

Decipher identities – names, addresses, cookies, IP addresses and IoT smart devices – into a complete and accurate Golden Record for every customer. And clearly understand the specific relationships among existing customers, such as those beneath the same roof (householding).

Website Personalization

Personalize website experiences for known visitors or even first-time anonymous visitors. Use any mix of content, images and recommendations to customize the visitor experience. And present campaigns in real time based on specific attributes:

  • Existing customer status
  • Visitor geography
  • Referring source
  • Third-party anonymous profile data

Timely & Relevant Email Communications

With rgOne, companies can use their existing email solutions to orchestrate campaigns, all from a single interface. Media & entertainment marketers can apply real-time insights from every step in the customer journey to send or suppress emails.

  • Send batch campaigns to select audiences
  • Trigger one-off emails to create urgency
  • Add personalized content to emails

Mobile Channels for Your Advantage

rgOne integrates with mobile app operating systems and mobile notification providers, making for highly personalized mobile experiences. Marketers can deliver content and messages, such as SMS and push notifications, to specific mobile app users.

  • Travel alerts and notifications
  • Location-based marketing efforts
  • Timely upsell offers

Performance Optimization

With rgOne’s powerful visualization and reporting capabilities, you’ll secure valuable insights into every marketing effort. For sustained and optimized testing, tuning and performance improvement.

  • Customize dashboards with the most critical information at a glance
  • Monitor how specific offers or segments perform over time
  • Track omni-channel campaign performance metrics
  • Export data to your preferred business intelligence (BI) tool

Segmentation & Predictive Models

You can use Redpoint’s advanced machine learning to identify and engage your best customer audiences — based on their likelihood of responding to specific events or conditions

  • Likelihood to churn
  • Likelihood to upgrade
  • Best message content
  • Best message channel

Digital Ad Campaigns

Define audience segments in rgOne to drive deeper analysis and omnichannel campaigns. Use native connectors to pass anonymized segments to third-party AdTech providers, and to deliver highly targeted advertising campaigns on nearly any publishing site.

Call Centers

Single customer view data — including recommendations, customer preferences, sentiment and LTV — is easily accessible by all across the enterprise, including call centers.

The result? Sales teams are equipped with up-sell and cross-sell offers and alternative product suggestions. And customers are delivered superbly tangible value.

Data will decide who wins.

Digital disruption is real, pervasive and now. And media & entertainment companies face a stark choice: Embrace the imperative to re-invent consumer engagement or risk competitive irrelevance.

The winners will probe consumer data to new depths – in preferences, behaviors, engagement history, and more – and exploit new ways to individualize the consumer experience across every touchpoint. In other words, the winners will enlist Redpoint.

Many devices. One customer view.

Identity individuals across systems, devices and channels. And combine rich data insights into a continuously updated, all-in-one customer view.

Insight and action, powered by AI.

rgOne’s powerful machine learning capabilities empower marketers to identify the most highly granular audience segments — and to know, with certainty, the next best action. For every customer.

Be there & be relevant. At every step.

Adapt and respond to customer needs in the moment. And meet them at every step of the journey across touchpoints, life stages, households, geographies or brands.

“At last, we can keep identities clean and perfect for all our ongoing donor communications. Not having to manage duplicate accounts has, by itself, nearly paid for the cost of the Redpoint® solution.”

Cate Twohill

Senior Director, Solutions at Community Development Partnership

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