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Advance Your CX Goals With a Modernized Data-Driven Approach

Tailor and automate your customer engagement programs with our exclusive low-commitment, high-impact POC offer.

Tired of the headaches that stem from difficult-to-use data and segmentation and activation tools that aren’t designed with marketers in mind? Unleash your full potential using the Redpoint CDP and strategic expertise from Solvenna.

In a winning combination, Redpoint and Solvenna are partnering to bring together data-driven technology with best in class, personalized CX solutions to help you make the most of your customer data. Our combined expertise will help you increase customer engagement and drive marketing efficiency – using customer data that you already have.

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What can you achieve with a unified customer view and no-code CX solution?

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75% faster campagin creation

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3x ROI increase in one year

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40% reduction in marketing costs

Why partner with us to elevate your customer-centricity strategy?


of consumers expect personalized experiences1


increase in revenue growth for companies that view customer service as a value center2


of retail consumers will only engage with marketing that is tailored to their interests3

1. McKinsey 2021 Next in Personalization Report
2. Accenture 2022 End-to-End Customer Service report
3. SmarterIQ Retail Personalization Playbook

Your expert partners in personalized customer engagement

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Redpoint helps innovative companies ignite the full potential of data to drive superior customer experiences across the enterprise. The Redpoint CDP creates the most complete, timely and accurate unified customer profile to power any business use case, using industry leading data quality and identity resolution combined with dynamic, no-code segmentation and activation. Marketers and CX leaders rely on Redpoint to fuel hyper-personalized experiences that yield tangible ROI in customer acquisition, engagement, loyalty and retention.
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Solvenna is a premier Redpoint partner focused on helping companies deploy modern Data, Marketing and Analytical solutions that actually work. Solvenna has led dozens of Redpoint implementations and hundreds of MarTech projects within Retail and across other industries. This is what we do. Our industry and solution knowledge are the standard, but our determination and collaborative approach to any project is what truly sets us apart from our competition. Solvenna can help you save time, make more informed decisions, see real results and improve the value of your customer interactions.