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Key Benefits

Now you can act on all that is knowable about your healthcare customer — including past and current health conditions, life stage, location, satisfaction scores, engagement preferences, financial situation, and cultural & language considerations.

Without this insight, you can’t confidently deliver a CX journey personalized to every health consumer. And you’ll miss a prime opportunity for increased revenue, improved retention, better outcomes and reduced friction.


Maximized revenue.

Maximize growth among high performance segments, such as Medicare, and close care gaps through personalized engagement.


Expanded views.

Widen your revenue streams with strategic value-based care arrangements (VBC) supported by compelling customer experiences.


Transformed segments.

Convert under-performing segments to profit centers — by forging performance-based partnerships enabled by multi-stage, multi-step and omnichannel journeys.

rg1® in action.

With rg1, healthcare orgs can overcome siloed data and achieve a single point of control for customer data, decisions and interactions. Which allows healthcare marketers to execute hyper-personalized, omni-channel interactions that increase revenue and lower costs.

ER Diversion to Telemedicine or Urgent Care

Educate and encourage consumers, via real-time information — to get the best care at the most convenient location, based on the appropriate services, location, hours or cost. And point them to any number of care points, including telemedicine, urgent care, ER, clinic, lab, provider office or elsewhere.

Acquire New Members or Patients

Create and deliver personalized journeys across all touchpoints, breaking through typical data & operational silos.

Design journeys that are personalized to individual consumers, free of friction and consistent with real-time information — all leading to highly relevant engagement and cost-effective acquisition.

Omni-channel Experiences

With a single view of the healthcare consumer, healthcare professionals can communicate with any member or patient in his/her preferred channel — with information that’s highly relevant to the situation.

When healthcare marketers coordinate care access, benefits navigation and other parts of the healthcare journey through a single point of control, the consumer is met with a seamless, consistent, compelling experience. Across every digital and physical channel.

Payer and Provider Coordinated Care

Payers can connect consumers with the right providers based on a wide range of consumer preferences — from language to hours of operation and services offered.

rgOne provides all the relevant data along with the power to communicate in real time — in the precise channel(s) in which a timely message or action will produce the most desirable response.

Reduce Care Gaps

Connect provider and payer data to create tightly integrated and highly personalized journeys. Because these kinds of omni-channel pathways yield higher engagement rates, close gaps in care, and improve consumer health outcomes.

Provider Navigation and Reduced Leakage

Integrate provider operations and next best action campaigns — based on real-time data analytics — to increase consumer adoption of healthcare services. And to reduce leakage, boost brand loyalty, and increase revenue.

Chronic Condition Management

Point chronic care patients to convenient and accessible points of service, including telemedicine, nurse lines or online chat.

Analyze live clinical data and generate real-time decisions and optimal response options — such as at-home nurse visits, wristband messages, video teleconference, or any next best action that steers patients away from costly, unnecessary facility re-admittance.

IoT Integration

With rgOne, you can connect smart device data — such as IoT or medical device outputs — with customer profiles and histories. Which lets you trigger appropriate, coordinated, compelling actions and messages. Across every channel.

Every consumer, individually engaged.

Healthcare orgs need constant access to relevant data — to meet consumers’ expectations of personalized experiences, and to guide consumers through dynamic journeys. Which means they need Redpoint®. Because siloed, incomplete or inaccessible data clouds the true consumer view, and prevents deep consumer understanding and relevant action.

One multi-source platform.

Unify all internal and external customer data sources – and know all that is knowable – to build a single customer view (the Redpoint Golden Record) for each individual. Accessible in real-time across every enterprise touchpoint.

Infinite multi-touch journeys.

Deliver contextually relevant interactions through dynamic, multi-step, multi-touch customer journeys – for both outbound and inbound engagement. And render them highly personalized through the perfect convergence of data, analytics and orchestration.

Hyper-personalization at scale.

With advanced machine learning and intelligent orchestration, you can pinpoint consumer segments and deliver the absolute most relevant content, messages or recommendations in real-time. Across every digital and traditional channel.

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