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Take an Evidence-Based Approach to Business

Effortlessly apply data precision and personalization to your marketing and communication strategy to advance the science of life and care delivery with the Redpoint CDP.

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Data-Driven Healthcare Organizations Trust Redpoint

Human-Centric Engagement, from Bench to Bedside

Healthcare Payer

Put Your Members at the Center

Transform member data to fast track health activation and engagement programs.

Healthcare Providers

Get Patients on the Right Care Path

Faster patient acquisition and engagement campaigns with the Redpoint CDP.


Improve Patient Outcomes

Unlock actionable insights across physical and digital channels that boost ROI.

The Redpoint Difference

Harness data to seamlessly blend digital and in-person experiences unifying the customer journey and staying at the forefront of life sciences and healthcare excellence. Easily adapt to any use case or technology, including AI, with the Redpoint CDP as your organization evolves.

Real-Time Data and Segmentation

Fully integrate your existing tech stack to enable a unified consumer profile. Quickly and autonomously segment and target customers to boost engagement, improve outcomes and grow your revenue.

Frictionless Healthcare Customer Journeys

Effortlessly orchestrate personalized omnichannel campaigns, guiding healthcare consumers through every stage of their journey to achieve desired outcomes quicker and optimize costs.

Ultimate Data and Tech Flexibility

Future proof with easy configuration and no-code extensions so you can rapidly respond to business changes or grow your use cases, while meeting your data security and privacy requirements.


Automation of Manual Data Processes


Increase in Conversions


Reduction in Marketing Operations Costs


ROI Delivered

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