Digital Advertising & Acquisition

Now you can own the full funnel. And the future.

Key Benefits

Some providers promise consolidated management of campaign deployments, or managing impressions, or dashboards and reporting. Only Redpoint® gives you a single point of control for the entire digital ecosystem — and the customers in it.


Better ad targeting.

Define your ideal audiences and automatically pass consumers to AdTech providers to remove PII data. And to execute campaigns with precision and confidence.


Personalization with punch.

Deliver personalized site experiences to first-time visitors, using anonymized data from the AdTech ecosystem.


Lower fatigue, higher sat.

Suppress customer segments from digital ad spend, lowering costs and consumer fatigue while elevating the customer experience.

rgOne® in action. On the bottom line.

You can enhance every omnichannel campaign by delivering personalized ad experiences with a closed-loop process that optimizes your customer journey strategies. And you can do that across a wide spectrum of marketing programs:

Onboarding Audiences

With Redpoint, you gain a single point of control to onboard audiences for ad targeting. Use granular customer demographic, behavioral and purchase data (all within rgOne) to build refined audience segments. Then automatically push the segments to DSPs & ad platforms targeting and activation in downstream destinations.

Activate Ad Campaigns

Right there, in the Customer Journey Workflow Builder in the rgOne platform, you can choose from among a list of nearly 500 destination partners, from DSPs to social networks and interactive TV.

And that extensive lineup includes walled garden networks including Facebook, Google and Amazon, as well as hundreds of sources across the open web.

Customer Journeys

You’ll enrich your customers’ journeys by infusing targeted ads into your omnichannel campaigns, which can include email, direct mail, social, and other direct channels.

With known customer attributes, you’ll create and deliver intelligently retargeted ads and direct campaigns for customers with similar preferences and profiles.

Site Personalization

It looks like magic, but it’s the power of a Redpoint solution: Personalized website experiences for first-time site visitors, in real time.

Pre-buy segments from any third party, pre-stage them in anonymous data environments, and use them to inform real-time decisions on your branded web pages for first time anonymous visitors.

That’s your personalization strategy, made real and tangible. And your brand relevance, assured and sustained.


Guess no more. With rgOne, you can measure the impact of your ad impressions for open web ad campaigns, and link them back to anonymous profiles to monitor their impact. On conversions, sales, revenue and your career success.

Journeys, streamlined. Customers, captured. Opportunities, seized.

Overcome traditional tech barriers to more ably manage customer journeys across anonymous and known states. And to more precisely target consumers, via a robust network of online publishers or even your brand’s own website.

Open connectivity. Wide open possibility.

Use native connectors with third-party AdTech providers to easily secure anonymous identifiers for select audience segments, and to activate online ad campaigns.

Real-time personalization. Real results.

Pre-buy segment data from third-party providers, pre-stage data in anonymous environments, and use it to deliver the most highly personalized experiences on your website. Even for first-time visitors.

High ROI. For high expectations.

Orchestrate advanced multi-step, multi-channel customer journeys to drive high program ROI, such as reactivating lapsed customers, nudging loyal members to higher thresholds, and optimizing your total media mix.

“Redpoint® really was the best solution that would allow us to mix and match end use technologies while retaining a core engine that would enable us to personalize customer journeys.”

David Millard

Director of Commercial Applications, Reporting & Analytics at Renovia

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Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint® can put your goals within reach.

Get Started on Getting Ahead

Schedule a conversation and learn how Redpoint can put your goals within reach.

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