Design Interactive Marketing Experiences with Ease

RedPoint lets you leverage data and insights in real time to deliver contextually relevant interactions. Define and manage message sequences irrespective of delivery channels or devices. No matter where your customer next appears, they get the right message.

Using a simple, intuitive workbench, you can easily design and implement superior customer journeys that drive dynamic interaction and create a consistent brand experience across all customer touchpoints.


Deliver the Next-Best Action at the Speed of the Customer

RedPoint turns data into action at the speed of the customer. Achieve a level of hyper-personalization that customers increasingly expect. RedPoint uses advanced analytics, driven by machine learning, to optimize offers and automate individual interactions across all touchpoints at a massive scale.

With RedPoint, you can finally interact with each customer in a real-time manner that reflects their preferences, meets their needs, and sustains profitable growth.


Test, Tune, and Optimize in a Closed Loop

RedPoint provides access to continuously updated data, enabling you to optimize engagement in real time. Our closed-loop automated testing system overcomes the limitations of standalone testing technology approaches.

Optimize communication tactics for goals such as open rates, CTR, conversion to offer, average dollar order value, and more. Track your results in real time to close the loop between strategy and results and adapt message/offer strategies for inbound and outbound touchpoints.