Data Insights that Keep Pace with the Customer

Real-time decisioning requires in-line analytics that access all customer data and provide context regarding the customer’s progress in their buying journey. That enables you to react at the moment of customer interaction and recommend next-best actions to optimize engagement and lifetime value.

But that means your analytic models must work with the latest, highest-quality data. RedPoint automates and operationalizes analytics for real-time decisions by unifying customer data and intelligently segmenting it to recommend the right message, offer, or action.


Easily Integrate Analytics – No Coding Required

With RedPoint, you spend more time developing and tuning analytic models by reducing data prep time by 80 percent. RedPoint eliminates the need to develop any code – (MapReduce, Spark, or any other code) to get timely access to your data. You aggregate, clean, match, transform, and key your data with a simple drag-and-drop user interface – no coding required.

Now business users can easily access all customer data sources to drive more meaningful engagement.


Drive Business Performance with Extreme Speed and Scalability

With RedPoint, you can take advantage of a full suite of advanced analytic models such as predictive, regression, clustering, and many others to improve your conversion rates and drive more revenue.

Machine learning shows you the best way to capitalize on individualized interactions that deliver higher revenue while lowering customer interaction costs.