Optimization Using Machine Learning

Personalized, Optimized Messages – at Scale, in Real Time

Adapt Faster with Self-Learning

machine learning
Waiting for results to test, tune, and optimize customer engagement doesn’t work when you’re selling to always-connected consumers. With Redpoint you operate at the speed of the customer and the market.

Redpoint’s machine learning runs high-speed, sophisticated algorithms (yours or ours) against your data using any set of variables and metrics. It learns by itself, finds patterns, and automatically adjusts next best actions as it ingests and analyzes new data in real time.


Omnichannel Optimization

The best marketing is personalized marketing across every interaction touchpoint. Redpoint’s lights-out, self-learning technology automatically adjusts offers to appeal to each customer as a “segment of one.” Redpoint’s goal-based optimization ensures you can continuously deliver automated, highly personalized interactions across omnichannel engagements that keep cadence with the customer.


Data to Support the Real-Time Customer Journey

Redpoint turns Big Data into Big Opportunity. By eliminating the latency of traditional analytics, Redpoint enables you to ingest data at high volume (such as batch and streaming data) at enterprise scale and provides a deeper level of customer understanding so you can deliver timely, relevant offers.

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A Modern Marketing Architecture White Paper

To succeed in the era of connected - and empowered - customers, you need a new approach: one that leverages data, insight and action to address every customer as an audience of one.

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Empowering the Data-Driven Customer Strategy Research Report

This report explores the findings to better understand where and how marketers are advancing their data-driven engagement agendas and how foundational elements.

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