Communications Service Providers

Optimizing customer engagement for communications services across every touchpoint

The competition for acquiring and retaining customers across wire-bound and wireless communications networks is fierce. The key to achieving this is ensuring a consistent and highly personalized customer experience across every touchpoint – web, retail, ecommerce, call center operations and more.

Redpoint Global helps communications services providers optimize the entire customer lifecycle from acquisition and onboarding to cross-sell/upselling, retention, and contract renewal. RedPoint creates a precise, real-time, 360-degree views of customers across all your data sources, determines the next best action, offer, or message and orchestrates delivery across all your interaction channels. RedPoint’s solutions enable enterprises to deliver their brand promise in highly personalized and contextually relevant ways, as consumers move along dynamic customer journey stages that take them from anonymous to known states, and across digital and traditional touchpoints.

RedPoint breaks down the organizational silos of customer engagement systems, enables you to leverage personalization to improve the effectiveness of your loyalty programs, and leverages data from emerging IoT technologies that will increase share-of-customer-wallet as well as lifecycle value.