Chief Data Officer/
Chief Information Officer

You’re the one who must ensure that data – all the data – is available to the organization in a shape and timeframe that’s needed to drive better customer engagement. Delivering the right data and insights requires comprehensive, automated, and scalable data-management capabilities. The RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub gives you what you need to:

  • Easily integrate all available customer data sources – regardless of location, format, or type (unstructured, semi-structured, structured).
  • Automate data on-boarding and quality processes (cleansing, probabilistic/deterministic/heuristic matching, and data enhancement) so you spend more time on analysis and insights.
  • Support Big-Data processing at scale to ensure timely data availability with near-zero latency and leverage machine learning to make better offer/message decisions that keep pace with the customer.
  • Improve data availability and precision to overcome the limitations of other approaches such as data lakes and warehouses, while providing the governance needed to achieve compliance.