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Jul 18, 2019

Xanterra, Redpoint, and Microsoft: “A Piece of Magic”

Summer is a popular time for vacations, which no one knows better than Xanterra Travel Collection, a leading travel and hospitality company with a diverse portfolio of brands that offer unique experiences around the world. From cycling tours through French wine country to National Park excursions, the Redpoint Global client seemingly has a getaway to suit any personal preference.

With the Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub™ running on the Microsoft AI platform, Xanterra now has a far better understanding of the personal preferences for each guest and prospect – so Xanterra tailors offers and promotions accordingly, resulting in significant campaign cross-sell and ROI increases.

In a video that Microsoft AI unveiled at Microsoft Inspire, which runs through Thursday, Xanterra Chief Marketing Officer Betsy O’Rourke and Corporate Director of Marketing & CRM Andrew Heltzel discuss how Redpoint Global and Microsoft provide Xanterra brands with a single view of the guest allowing highly tailored specific offers across the portfolio. Together with Redpoint CEO and Co-Founder Dale Renner, the three explain how the platform allows Xanterra to optimize customer engagement across all touchpoints, delivering personalization that is in sync with each guest’s experience.


Below is a transcript of the video, which was filmed recently at The Oasis at Death Valley, one of Xanterra’s iconic resort destinations at Death Valley National Park, California.

O’Rourke: Vacations create some of our most meaningful memories. Every single trip is an individual experience. We are a very unique collection of brands.

Heltzel: Our data was siloed and literally dispersed all over the globe. That’s why we partnered with Redpoint Global.

Renner: Redpoint helps Xanterra optimize customer engagement strategies across all touchpoints. Xanterra had over 100 different data siloes, and we were able to combine that data so that all the brands can align and work together to drive more relevant guest experiences. And working with Microsoft AI allows us to really personalize the guest experience at scale.”

O’Rourke: Having that single view of the guest allows us to really modify our marketing strategy.

Heltzel: When we got all of our data into a single platform we realized many of our guests are shared amongst all of our brands. We could actually put some strategy behind those relationships. There’s a lot of opportunity to further cross-promote.

O’Rourke: Now, we can very quickly develop new travel opportunities and target a specific group of customers with a very specific offer.

Renner: Revenue per email increased by over 800 percent while the number of guest touches actually reduced.

Heltzel: Our team feels so much more confident with this personalized approach. We’ve demonstrated again and again that we’ve been able to really transform the guest experience for many of our brands.

O’Rourke: The competition has yet to catch up to where we already are. We have a huge advantage because we’ve got Redpoint Global and Microsoft AI.

Heltzel: Everything we do is focused on delivering a world of unforgettable experiences for our guests.

O’Rourke: If we can give you what you’re looking for with one or two clicks, that’s a piece of magic.

Interested in learning more about how Xanterra and other brands work with Redpoint and Microsoft? Contact us to learn more!


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