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Jul 28, 2021

Redpoint Global Product Updates: Reduced Complexity, Ease of Use Highlight New Release’s Intelligent Orchestration & AML Capabilities

Ease of use and reduced complexity through fewer hand-offs highlight updates to the Intelligent Orchestration component of the Redpoint rg1 platform released today.

Just as with the previous release, enhancements intend to make the platform easier, cleaner and faster for both novice and power Redpoint users. Ease of use in the latest release primarily manifests itself with visual representations that facilitate real-time website personalization processes.

With visual representations, marketers and other end users are able to map dynamic content – images and text – to the eventual corresponding live web page without having to use a web designer or developer intermediary. All rules, details and other assets that are used to produce a personalized region of a web page are now located in one place, easily accessible and visually understood by the marketer who is producing the personalized content.

Realtime Layout

A new feature in the Intelligent Orchestration component of rg1, Realtime Layout organizes information in rules that visually match the final webpage format. A visual layout of the web page (see Figure 1) is organized by rectangles drawn directly inside the real-time layout guide. Each rectangle (homepage carousel, homepage hero, homepage merchandising) is associated to a rule, represented in the Layout Hierarchy (see Figure 2).

Figure 1: A visual representation of a web page, with a rules-based organization,
highlight the new Realtime Layout feature in rg1.

With real-time website personalization gaining traction, fewer static images and more dynamic content, Realtime Layout addresses the need for marketers to easily map personalized content to a rule and quickly have a visual representation of real-time changes – all in one place, without having to interact with developers or other tools.

As an example, rather than publish rules into the real-time engine that will eventually correspond to sections of the web page, directing a web designer which rules correspond to which dynamic section of the page, and then confirming a preview, Realtime Layout empowers marketers to control the entire process.

Figure 2: In the Realtime Layout Hierarchy, each area of dynamic content
corresponds with a rule designating personalized content.

The previous method is still an option, but the new process addresses user feedback that marketers are more in tune with personalization needs than designers or developers and thus should have more control. With Realtime Layout, personalization optimization, attribution and measurement can all be done in one place, absent handing off some of the process to a designer.

As an added bonus, this visual metaphor can be applied to any visually oriented personalization, be it the website, mobile app, call center and even email real time “on open” content.

AML Product Recommender Models

AML Product Recommender Models is similar to the Realtime Layouts feature in that it gives more control to marketers with less required interaction from web developers, putting all the needed assets in a product recommendation engine in one place. It also represents an important evolving trend within rg1, empowering the intelligent edge. Redpoint is increasingly integrating machine learning capabilities directly into the marketer’s workflow, delivering true, inline analytics, with just a few clicks from the marketer.

Through a deeper integration with the Automated Machine Learning (AML) component of rg1, marketers will have direct insight into product recommendations that are based on product and customer data. Previously, support for product recommendations in AML was through web developers packaging assets to assemble a product recommendation section.

Because marketers no longer must hand off the plumbing of connecting all the pieces needed to build a recommendations page, they can more easily personalize content and offers through a recommendation smart asset. It’s both easier to program and easier to manage, with more pervasive support due to fewer moving parts.

As with Realtime Layouts, the rationale for the enhancement aligns with the increase in dynamic content, and the desire to give marketers more control of real-time website personalization, here through more personalized, relevant product recommendations.

In summary, AML Product Recommender Models gives marketers an easy way to create a recommender model inside the intelligent orchestration component of rg1, link it to the AML component to build out a product recommendation section, and then create a recommendation smart asset to make connections between the assets in the recommender model and the actual web page or mobile app. It is faster, easier, more direct and with more support for product recommendation models, directly inside the intelligent orchestration workflow.

Standards-based Identity Validation

A minor change improves the rg1 platform’s standards-based identity validation, dovetailing with the desire for most enterprises to simplify and consolidate the procedure.

With OpenID facilitating user identity verification using a single authorization server (Keycloak, AuthO, Okta), platform users and administrators can manage verification in an enterprise repository.

A consolidation of identity verification through any of the three commonly supported authorization server providers matches increasing enterprise requirements for standards-based single sign-on, permissions and otherwise meeting IT requirements for security, compliance and other operational requirements.

Additional Data Connectors and Channels

Channel support extension is another enhancement of the new release. In line with the platform’s open garden architecture, the new release offers simpler CRM, data onboarding and email data connectors as well as simplified one-click segment export – including HIPAA and HITRUST compliant Paubox as a new email service provider.

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