Interaction Connections

Execute cross-channel customer engagement strategies. Reliably and consistently.

Key Benefits

With hundreds of native connectors, rgOne™ helps marketers deliver highly consistent, highly engaging customer experiences across every touchpoint.

Once an integration is established, you need not bother with direct interaction with channel applications, such as email providers. rgOne frees you to focus your time & resources on delivering the best possible message, offer or experience – regardless of a customer’s point of interaction.

Control the orchestration.

Seamlessly orchestrate cross-channel communications — to deploy the most highly personalized and consistent interactions.

Stay relevant in real time.

Ensure your messages are always on point — by drawing the latest information within each customer’s Golden Record.

Accelerate your speed to value.

It's your choice and your flexibility: Use your existing last mile touchpoints or extend to emerging channels, such as IoT devices.

Key Highlights

Zero rip & replace.

When you build your campaigns within rgOne, you can deliver them using your existing last mile solutions — including email, mobile, SMS, social and AdTech solutions. However you choose to deploy, you’ll serve the most personalized campaigns to cross-channel end points. And easily execute even complex customer journeys.

Infinite response tracking.

Evaluate campaign performance data — including opens, clicks, bounces, deliveries and failures — that’s all returned to rgOne from select endpoints in a single platform. Together, this response data from across end points will deepen your understanding of campaign impact, and richly inform your next experiences and messages.

Real-time monitoring.

Use rgOne to collect information from inbound channels – such as mobile apps, websites, and IoT devices – and smartly respond.*

*Websites and mobile apps typically require real-time responses to deliver personalized experiences, though responding to input from some touchpoints may be less time sensitive. In either event, rgOne powerfully equips you to meaningfully engage with your customers across every interaction.

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Get Started on Getting Ahead

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