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May 5, 2020

Redpoint Global Included in Forrester Research’s Now Tech: Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM) Report 2020

Forrester Research’s Now Tech: Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM)  report published in April 2020 recognized Redpoint Global in three key areas: next-best experience with enterprise decision engines, personalization optimization, and cross-channel marketing for inbound and outbound experiences. Redpoint was one of only four providers to be listed for all three of these capabilities (Redpoint Global, Pegasystems, SAS and Engage Hub).

The report, written by Forrester’s Rusty Warner, ranked 42 vendors on solutions based on the ability to help customers orchestrate relevant customer experiences, address customer expectations for mutual value exchange and the alignment of marketing with customer-facing functions. Forrester defines RTIM as “Enterprise marketing technology that delivers contextually relevant experiences, value, and utility at the appropriate moment in the customer lifecycle via preferred customer touchpoints.”

RTIM that extends beyond marketing to customer-facing functions like sales and service relies on sophisticated decision engines to orchestrate two-way, interactive CX is known as cross-channel campaign management (CCCM). In terms of delivering marketing campaigns, CCCM is evolving to address contextually relevant customer interactions. As CCCM and RTIM functionality converge, vendors that excel at outbound digital marketing are enhancing their capabilities for inbound digital channels and building integrations with offline channels. Personalization engines integrate with back- and front-office systems to recommend more relevant offers based on a deeper understanding of customer context.

In the report, Forrester writes, “Firms do not achieve overnight success with RTIM; B2C marketers typically describe real time interaction management as an evolutionary journey that spans multiple years. It’s critical to define a strategy that adds capabilities in step with the organization’s readiness to exploit them.”

Forrester also writes, “B2C marketers, when considering RTIM investments: Refine your martech ecosystem based on CX requirements. Review high-priority CX use cases to determine whether your martech ecosystem is up to the task of RTIM. Prioritizing integration should be a key RTIM function. Every real time interaction solution encompasses disparate capabilities, and your needs might dictate tools from several different vendors. B2C marketers must further ensure that RTIM investments complement their holistic martech ecosystem as well as solutions for enterprise customer data management and CX.”

As one of four vendors to be included in all three categories across the board, Redpoint is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of today’s enterprises. With a native customer data platform, Redpoint offers users the real-time tools necessary to meet the needs of today’s customer. Post COVID-19, digital transformation has only been accelerated and the ability to incorporate real time into all aspects of the customer experience becomes more important than ever.

Innovative companies use the Redpoint platform to transform their customer experiences across the enterprise and drive higher revenue. Redpoint solutions provide a unified single point of control where all customer data is connected and every customer touchpoint intelligently orchestrated. Delivering more engaging customer experiences, highly personalized moments, relevant next-best actions, and tangible ROI – this is how leading marketers lead markets.


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Steve Zisk

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